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Villain's Guardian Angel


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Do you ever find that its so cliche for villainess alway ending up with an unhappy ending? So what if the chapter has closed for their life. Everyone deserves a happy ending and a chance for redemption. Meet Nephilim, the protagonist of our story! She is neither the lead nor the villainess. No reborn no transmigration. Who is she? She is the side character! The guardian angel descended upon different dimensions with the mission to save the villainess from having an unhappy ending! But she saves them after the villainess loses to the protagonist! Why? Because its the flow of time! You can't rewrite what has already been written! Nephilim: "stupid author-sama thats not the reason! The goddess has rules for us to not interfere with how the story unfolds, only after the story ends can we intervene!" Author-sama:" ..its the same as what i said..you just reworded it...." Nephilim:" are you talking back now?!" Author: "no boss Nephilim! I will go back to narrating now boss!..." ---------------------------------------------------- Author's notes: hey guys this is my first book so be kind. Updates are kinda unstable for now but i'll post a schedule once i'm sure i can update at a set period. P.S. still working on that book cover the problem can't seem to update the picture.


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