She swam even faster as the sharks started to pant too. Her arms where sore but she didn't worry about it, her legs where trembling like ocean waves started to make huge thunders of lightning. Her heart didn't stop pumping fast as the race car, someone pulled her form behind that revealed a island infront of them out of no where.

Her eyes wondered where and what the island is. The gray eyes from a man behind him, the blood in her right leg, on the moment the sharks to attack her.

She didn't imagine what is this all about. "Holy God." She whispered under her breath, holding her magnificent reaction on a place she didn't imagine would have come to her eyes.

And as she throw her glance to the man behind him, he was fresh as a lemon. Like nothing happened, she then finds her wounded leg and scars has vanished in her sight!

"What the devil just happened?" said the man behind him. His dark wet hair that has covered his eyes made him more attractive as possible, she thought in her mind. Wearily, she glance at her self. In her cutted peach dress that had turned red because of her own blood, her wer silver blonde hair that had reached to her boobs.

I don't look attractive at all, she thought again, but something came to her sight. A sentence or more likely a name carved on a wood as she moved closely to see it, her face darkened when she saw the words like her whole intire universe had fallen apart.

She swear to God she had seen that word before, but the question is, where?

"Vile. What's Vile, Unice?" asked the man behind him, the girl that was named Unice shooked her head and started to feel the cold wind behind her, she turn around and a magnificent garden appeared in her sight.

A memory just came to Unice's mind.

"Vile. Vile means cursed, Dewin."