63 Sienna Slughorn

It all started with a girl!

Wars are often linked with love for a reason.

Eren liked a classmate in his past timeline. Her name was Sienna Slughorn. He didn't know anything about her. All he thought at the time was she looked cute.

Of course, Eren didn't have the guts to confess his affection. But a vixen Sienna had figured it out by his shy yet consistent stares.

Sienna was the daughter of a viscount. And she liked Ken Riverine who was from an Earl family.

Ken was one of the top students of their year. And he looked mature and dashing.

But the girl didn't only think with her ovaries. Sienna thought of elevating her family's position by being tied to the house of an Earl.

It would have been fine if Sienna ignored a silly crush directed at her when she had set Ken as her goal. But she decided to use that against her ordinary admirer to further her cause.

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