Videogame: Charge Ten Billion On Day One And Got A SSS-grade Talent

Author: Windhunter
Video Games
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  • 610 Chs
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    26 ratings
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What is Videogame: Charge Ten Billion On Day One And Got A SSS-grade Talent

Read Videogame: Charge Ten Billion On Day One And Got A SSS-grade Talent novel written by the author Windhunter on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering cultivation, alternategameworld. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The first year after the release of the game "Chaos". All the monsters within the game descended on the Blue Planet. The entire Blue Planet was reduced to an inferno. Dong Lei was reborn and came back to rewrite his destiny. He sold his family heritage and spent ten billion charging money in the game. In the game, he successfully got the SSS-level talent. Then he became a great emperor admired by millions!

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Not even half a chapter into the novel, we already understand this will become a racist novel. Apparently China was destroyed by the players from Japan, Korea, India? and whatever lighthouse country is but MC managed to kill all their players before his rebirth. Then I thought, well lets look further, it may not start before way later in the novel, till then it might be worth it but comes the second problem and I'm only chapter 3. MC cheat is way too much OP. His talent allows him too steal talents/passives (that's fine) but also to multiply the bonus by 100 of every passive talent, buff, skill, system reward or equipment. Then right out the bat he gets -a passive skill that removes all cool downs but also allows him to launch 2 spells for the price of one. -then he gains a skill that allows him to add permanent bonus to his equipment which is also multiplied by 100 Then chapter 6, the guy already has 3 legendary equipment, he's level 20 while everyone else is probably level 2...


Evil Sakura country .................................. ..................... .................................. ..................... .................................. .....................


I have one word to say to the MC "What an Idiot " 10 billion just for a game and it isn't even his own hard working money


Petition to bring back I Hijacked the timeline!


Another trash nationalism novel ........


Reveal spoiler


It has a ok concept, but it needs to be rewritten by someone who understands logic and math. there is no building of the world, or telling of the game mechanics, which seem to change every few lines anyway, math is apparently something the translator or writer never learned, and just a lot of issues


bro is this a novel version of "rich player"?


first time here and from the reviews, Popular Ranking No1?


no world building, no character depth. no logic and math.


I've read it only until chapter 5 so my rating may not be accurat. Right of the bat it is very fast pace, which is the main reason I gave up on continuing to read this.


Ever thought of biting a shoe and you thought it was cake.. this is what i felt when i read this


I don't consider this a novel. It is more like a wish fulfillment typa thing. It has no depth. Not to mention the not so "hidden" views. I don't wan get political but.... yeah let's leave it at that


For now (40 chaps), it's readable. it's just annoying that every little thing get x100+ but that's the feature of the novel. Don't give UP!


Don’t have much hope for this novel most of them drops half way but I will give it a go, I hope it didn’t let me down.


Creo que de todas las novelas que tuve el privilegio de leer, esta no se encuentra en la lista de favoritos. Es de la peores novelas que he leído, la típica novela china basura con nacionalismo, xenofobia, racismo, y un fondo mundial absolutamente pobre y sin desarrollar.


Petition to bring back I Hijacked the timeline!


Good bro .................... ................................ .................. ................. ............. ............. .


good Lord this novel became filler galore after chapter 200+ kept rambling on unnecessary characters with no future character development do not read, waste of time


was this written by a 6 year old whats with all this cooking metaphors. very little in character or world development another rinse and repeat garbage novel


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