" Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of Awesome Sunrays ".

In the beautiful early morning ,She heard the Alarm irritating and disturbing like spines of porcupine ,she rolled around the bed and turned of the alarm by still closing her eyes.

Suddenly ,a voice interrupted which was trying to ruin her sleep . It was none other than her , Aunt Akshara . She started Shouting , " Sathya ,wake up it's already late .If you're sleeping like this again you will be late to hospital ".

By the way ,I will introduce our female lead of the story ,It was Sathya Arora . A beautiful , Valiant and kind Hearted Doctor . She has a beautiful face , pointed nose , perfect eyelashes with brown eyeballs and cute pink small lips.

She has a perfect body shape which anyone could fall for. Now ,she was 24 years old. She is a girl filled with happiness around her.

But everything had vanished at the time after her beloved grandpa's death. Yes ,her mom met with an accident when she was just 5 years old.

Her mother was in ICU for a week and then her condition is worst then she died. Her father married another lady ,at the very next week of her mother's death.

So ,she hate her father more than an enemy in the world. Whatever happens her father can atleast care for her right. But he to neglected and abandoned her.

Then her Grandpa ( Mr. Arora ) Bought up her. He showered her with love . Taught her manners , discipline , kindness. And now the 5 year girl in grown up as 24 year beautiful lady.

✨✨ Present ✨✨✨

She heard her Aunt Akshara shouting again , " Sathya ,wake up ". Finally ,with lot of struggle she woked up.

Then she took a hot shower , wore her sky-blue cocktail top with a white leggings and dried up her hair. He combed her hair and left her hair free.

She don't have a habit of wearing tons of makeup ,So she applied a lip balm . She took her white coat and stethescope . She found a dollar which made her lips curved a little.

Don't get Astonished or shock. Yes ,it's a Dollar . After her Grandpa's death , She was happy because of this dollar only.

This dollar belongs to a handsome man . She couldn't remember his face . Except his blue eyes. When she felt that everything is over she had only this Dollar in her hand.

The Dollar made her feel that there was a strong bond connected between her and the owner of the Dollar .


I know very well that I will meet him . But ,to know about the details of him .this Dollar is not enough.

and I am not powerful that much. I will keep waiting for you. With that Hope ,I left the room .

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I saw cheeku , running towards me .She kissed my cheeks and hugged me tightly , greeted ," Good morning ,sissy ".

I kissed her back and greeted her ," Good morning my little sis". She is Anju Arora. The only Daughter of Ashok Arora. He is my father's small brother.

I love my Ashok uncle a lot. He means everything to me. He loved me a lot as a Father and treated me same as cheeku.

He married Arthi .She is cheeku's mom .Cheeku is the pet name of Anju. But ,Arthi aunt died after giving birth to Cheeku.

The worst part of a mother . Giving birth to a cute baby but couldn't able to take a glance even once. She died without even looking cheeku.

Uncle ,was broken completely after aunt's death. But still he cared for us. Everyone forced her to marry him .He rejected the marriage thinking of us .

But they haven't left him . Finally ,he agreed .He thought that ,his new will shower love on and take care of us. But that's not true. She just pretended to be caring infront of him.

After the marriage ,he started to busy In his business. This Aunt , will just care when he is around. Our life is going on like this.

one day ,came kendrick uncle .He is the only brother of Arthi aunt. He came here for his studies. Now ,he is working with Ashok uncle.

Kendrick uncle is best . He is like a friend and more than that. He showered us with love and care. As like Ashok uncle ,when we are around him .We both can feel a kind of protection.

I told cheeku to get ready as i will drop her in her school before heading to hospital. She nodded her head and made her way.

Before entering Dining room ,I noticed Sam coming towards me. Sam ,ohh you don't know right. He is Akshara's brother.

I hate this jerk. He want me as my girlfriend . He will come near me and blabber something finally it end with his words wandering me to get married to him. Seriously ,it won't even happen in his dreams too.

As usual ,he was near .I just pretended like as if I don't care about him. He came near me and grabbed my wrist , " Sathya ,we are going for a date in evening ,so get re....". Before he could complete a strong punch got in his face .

I am not shocked . It will be none other than my Kendrick uncle. Yes ,it was him. He looked me and then him ," Stay away from her , orelse it won't be good for you". He warned him with full rage .

Everyone in my family except Kendrick , cheeku and Ashok uncle wanted me to marry him. But ,my grandpa saved me by venturing them his last wish . Because ,of that everyone pretends like as if they don't care.

Uncle ,smiled at me and whispered to stay strong. I nodded my head with a smile. Took my breakfast and called Cheeku.

I dropped her in school but my thought is filled with today's incident .That jerk ,Sam .How can I kill that bastard.

Some memories kept on haunting me , Before my grandpa's death . I met with an accident . When I opened my eyes every one informed me that my grandpa had passed away.

After a week ,I am back to home. I was in my room .My hand was fractured heavily. I can't even move. At that time ,

this jerk entered my room and grabbed my waist with one hand ,

while the other holding my mouth tightly preventing me from screaming. He pinned me in the wall. My eyes filled with tears of pain in my mind.

I can't do anything .my hands of locked my him . Neither shout. He nuzzled his nose around the crook of my neck. I felt irritated by his activities. I stomped his leg by mine with struggles.

he was about to slap me but when cheeku entered .He gave her a warning look and left . I don't know what my condition will be if cheeku was not there on that day.

This memory keeps destroying my happiness everytime as usual. Now a days ,I am fearing a lot to occupy the same house with him .But what to do. Its my fate ,I think.

My gaze shifted unknowingly to the dollar. I smiled in happiness . Again the same thoughts ," How will I find my prince??".

I rolled my eyes. I can . True love will win always whatever the situation is . I remembered my grandpa's words ," True love don't have any religious ,caste ,age or nothing .It will come to you without any hesitation . Learn to wait ".

While thinking of this ,I don't know when I reached my hospital. I opened the door and made my way towards the hospital..

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