1 Info bout this story blah blah

so i kinda got into the HP fandom so im making this :3 my other stories are obviously on hiatus till i get back into their fandom so yeah here have some info :D

So Vexylüp School of witchcraft and wizardry houses :


colour : light green

Hippogriff likes people who are intelligent,wise and creative


colour: orange

Dragon likes people who are couragous,brave and determined



Niffler likes people who are sly but kind and curious

And Chimera

Colour violet

And Chimera likes people who are sly,cunning and pridefull

Ok- so the place that where students buy their supplies is called heap alley its like diagon alley but its called heap alley

The forest near Vexylüp is called Lost Woods

And the Lake is called Late Lake

and the place where student can relax is called paddock(its like hogsmead has A joke shop sweets shop and other things)

Heap alley stores :

Lenitera Luteric's Ice cream parlour |Ice cream|

apothecary| Potion ingredients|

Kicsa Cafe |Coffee,Tea and pasties|

Daily Propheties Office| Publishers|

Dark arts Estabilishment|dark art items|

Flerire and Blotts| Books|

Jumbo and James|Joke item|

Globerlike Wizarding bank

Madam Billa's Robes for all occasions

Madam silvegail's Beautyfing potions|beauty products|

Magical menagerie|pets & related

Hites Books|Publisher|

Hega's wands|wands|

Salvires Cauldron shop|cauldrons|

Quality quidditch supplies|Broom & other quidditch items|

stationery shop|writing supplies etc|

Places in The Paddock

Sir Rivellord's 1970s ButterBeer

Silly zilly's Joke shop

Sweet Feathers|Sweets shop|

Mister Teliflowers teashop

The blunt Building|abandoned place|

Slowmint's Quill shop

post office

Paddock station|rail station|

Pads head on|pub|

Magical equipment