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What is Vestiges

Vestiges is a popular web novel written by the author Casey_Ford_0806, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, MAGIC, REVENGE, OVERPOWERED-MC, TRAGIC PAST, MAGICAL BEASTS, SWORDFIGHTING, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2.3K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 2 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A vast and powerful kingdom vanishes over-night. Kaiser Aetner, the lone survivor of the mysterious event, leaves on a journey to find and kill the one responsible. Adventure and action follow his quest, but the destination may be closer than he realizes.


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Author has done a very good job 👍👍👍 Writing quality is flawless. I didn't see any grammar errors till now and English is also pretty fluid. The descriptions and narration of details is excellent. I loved the way you described the fight scene! 😃 Neither too long or short and punchy enough. Since its only 2 chaps it is early to tell about the development and pacing but I like how the story is progressing until now. 👍 Kai's character is badass and I really love it ! 👏😍 The mystery of rune on his body with the lock is really intriguing. Good work author! Keep it up! 👏👏


Wow that's some great fantasy book here I need more chapters haha From the start I can tell that this is a very promising story. I'll for sure stay here until the end. I hope this book gains recognition it deserves


The story plotline is very intriguing. I'm hoping for more chapters. I wish the synopsis of the story was longer so we could get a better idea of what the story is about. The writing style is unique and I haven't spotted any errors yet. You should definitely write more though!


Yes! I'm your first reviewer! And just like what you've asked, I'll be giving my honest review. Number 1: Writing Quality Truly, the author is remarkable when it comes to English. I have not seen any errors or typos. There also no misspelled words. As for the paragraph length, they don't seem lengthy and long. When it comes to details, the author has an impressive way of describing them, hooking the readers from the very start. I will give this category a five stars. Number 2: Stability of Updates Well, I'll just assume that you update frequently. Haha!!! Five stars for this category too. Number 3: Story Development Hmm, I have yet to grasp since it only contains two chapters but for me, the story seems to be smooth. Details are clear and precise, meaning the author only describes what is important and not only for the sake of increasing word count. Number 4: World Background When it comes to this category, the author describes each scene/scenario in a genuine manner. Meaning, the readers can easily portray what the author wants them to portray. Number 5: Characters Honestly, I have no complaints too. They're(Characters) described in a vivid manner and they are very intriguing. The dialogues are also genuine and well thought. Overall: This is a five over five novel for me! Keep up the good work author and good luck!!


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