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Vertex: Aspects


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What is Vertex: Aspects

Read Vertex: Aspects novel written by the author Rellamuse on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, magic, highiq. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Marcus has woken up disoriented, missing memories, and woefully unprepared for this new world. Dangerous, unforgiving, and enigmatic, this unfamiliar place seems destined to end his life. Marcus isn't the only one who's found themselves stuck to this new realm, and he'll need to come to grips with facing whole new species, many humanoid and not. Learning from those who've withstood this world's trials will only be the first step in his journey to survive. This world, despite having some functions similar to that of a video game, has no value in attributes. Skills and traits are earned, and no arbitrary stat checks will be giving him any kind of chance at survival. Armed with only an unorthodox ally and a status screen, he's going to need to think quick and fast, or he won't see the next sunset, more or less make it back home. If he even can.


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Early review but there's a lot of potential here, mc has a lot of personality and the AI character has a wit of her own. In fact each character that has appeared so far has had their own distinct personality. If the writing keeps pace with the good opening hook and character writing, then I can see this one going far


The story is well-written. There is not many chapters atm, so the world isn’t fully fleshed out. However, the author’s power system could be fun.


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