1 Prologue

"Pain... The catalyst of all evil."


The sun blazed in the hot summer as the green forest grew lusciously all around. A smell of healthy flowers invaded the air along with the clear skies with the occasional silly looking clouds. It gave off an image of peace. The people in the train being quiet also helped a bit.

This was a scene that Ray observed. A six-foot man with a French beard along with glowing light brown skin, a square jaw, and piercing black eyes. His comb-over hairstyle with his dirty blond hair only accentuated his good looks even further. Currently, he was in deep thought as he stared blankly outside the window.

As an ex-military, it was hard to go back to society but he knew he had to. For his little sister. She was the reason why he left the military in the first place. In his sister's point of view, she was losing her brother so she requested him to leave that world.

But how could he? From the training, to making true comrades, to protecting his country. He contributed heavily for his nation. Even to a point of no coming back.

'I did what I had to do. '

That's what he told himself as he reflected on actions.

?: " Hey... Hey... Hey... HEY!!"

Ray: " Hm? Do you need something, Conny?", I asked with a smile. This little angry beauty in front me is my sister. A woman of average height with healthy snow white skin, vibrant blond hair that reach down a little beyond her shoulders, dark gray eyes, and a small mole on her neck. She wore dark blue jeans with a black long-sleeve top and next to her was a black hoodie she took off due to how hot it was. She said that she wears dark colors to avoid recognition from everyone but her clothing attracts more attention than anything due to how contrasting she looks. Gotta give her credit though, she is a model level woman.

Conny and I were very close. We pretty much knew everything about each other since day one. She was my queen and I was her Guardian Knight. In fact, I aspire to be like her one day. Spreading positivity and joy to the world with her smile and creations.

Conny: "What do you mean do you need something!! I have been talking to you for five minutes!", she responded with gritted teeth.

Ray: "Oh yeah. Of course, I listened to you.", I replied with a smile.

Conny: "Really?", she asked with suspicion, "Name one thing I talked about."

Ray: "You are getting a Huskey called Bete, buying a new pair of red shoes, and making a garden in your new house that you bought three weeks ago."

Conny: "..." She said nothing for a minute and merely stared at him with a blank look. He was about to say something until he heard her say, "Damn eidetic memory."

Ray: "Haha.", he laughed, "That's your fault for trying to win against me. What does that make now? 59 wins and 3 losses?"

Conny: "Yeah... but that's only because you have super abilities. What are the chances that my own brother would have perfect freaking memory!! Who the hell expects that!! AND, why are you even keeping track of it? Wait, but I also kept track of it. Huh. I guess that makes both of us a bunch of wei-"

Ray: "Before you say anything else, listen calmly. There are two guys on this train right now and they are currently carrying weapons. They don't look like they are carrying it for their own protection but instead to cause trouble. I plan on subduing both of them but I can't do it without your help. Can you do it?", he asked with urgency.

Conny who was startled originally was now shocked that two people on this train carried weapons but when she heard her brother's question, she immediately nodded due to her absolute trust in him.

Ray: "Good. The plan is that you go to the lady's restroom the opposite direction of where you are facing while I do the same. I will do a chokehold on my guy while you go behind yours and get something heavy to smack in the head with. Do you understand?"

Conny: "Yeah."

Ray: "Then let's move"

The plan proceeded the way they intended to and when Ray held one of the guys in a chokehold, the other one stood up and tried to take out his gun, only to be hit in the back of the head with a suitcase by Conny. As they were done, the passengers were about to panic until he told them that he was ex-military and that they had malicious intentions.

Unfortunately, he was right. Ray thought he was done but he did not notice that a man that was one of the passengers pulled a gun out and shot Conny at center mass. Time slowed down for Ray as he turned around to see the utter fear in his sister's eyes as she was falling to the floor. The killer intended to get away but Ray took the gun of the one he knocked out and immediately shot him in the head. Everyone panicked by these sudden courses of events.

Ray tossed the gun out of his hands and rushed to Conny. He held her bleeding body in his hands as the blood slowly became a small pool around them. He tried to tell her to conserve her energy and that help will be coming soon. He turned to the people and shouted at them to call for help. He knew that she would not survive but something inside told him to believe. Soon he felt a soft, wet hand on his face and looked down only to see Conny showing that loving smile of hers.

Conny: "Live...for...me.", she said as the last of her life simply left her. Her last breath taken of this world.

Ray: "Please No! NO! NOOO!!, he screamed in a desperate manner, "CONNY!! CONNY!!!!"

Something inside him broke. Emptiness, guilt, and sorrow overwhelmed him. It was like a raging fire that was breaking down every part of his existence. Conny's blood rolled down his cheeks as his ferocious expression replaced the calm one he had before.

Tears streamed his face for the third time in his life as his bloodshot eyes represented the animosity growing within. His roars echoed throughout the train.

Time stood still for the pitiful siblings. The silent passengers lowered their head in sadness for their savior as the only sound that was heard were the cries of a shattered man.

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