1 ~ Prologue ~

"Hey! Have you seen that new girl in town?"

"No? Who is she? Whats the scoop?"

"I don't know the details... some say she's cursed, others say she's a witch. I heard she killed her family!"

"No way! Seriously?"

"She looks the part, she only ever dresses in black and she's really jumpy. My cousin bumped into her the other day and she freaked out! Totally jumped out of her skin!" The girls snickered quietly as they walked. Then the girl they had been whispering about stepped out of a shop a few meters in front of them. "There she is!" Both girls halted in their tracks, cautious not to get too close to her.

She was wearing black high heel boots, black jeans, a fitted black lace and leather jacket over a dark grey turtle neck shirt, and her wavy black hair turned out to be half pure white. The people around her soon scattered, leaving her alone.

The girls heard many people talking as they passed and a lot were talking about how her presence felt dark and eerie.

"Do you think she sold her soul?"

"Maybe she sacrificed her family! Maybe thats why she killed them?"

"So true! We should get out of here so she doesn't sacrifice us!"

The girls then left, leaving the one they were whispering about completely alone. Her shoulders dropped and a single tear left her lowered silver eyes.

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