1 Rotten luck and a bag full of tomatoes

I'd been double crossed before but not like this stuffed in a disabled escape pod with enough resources to make sure that my death was long in coming and cast out into space. For the first few hours I simply raged at their audacity for doing this to me death by starvation and thirst in space ha normally that would be the last concern in space but no they have me set up like some kind of exiled king food fuel and atmosphere generators that should keep me alive for a long time. Once I'd gotten over the outrage and anger I started taking inventory of what exactly I had and making plans some how I was going to get my vengeance on those fools.

I dug into every single compartment of the escape pod and found the standard emergency kit and tools a canister of o2 and a couple of emergency 24 hour bars and three bottles of water not much but they would last forever. My planning consisted of using the flimsy plastic tools that came with the emergency kit and repair what I could then using all of my engineering knowledge jury rig a cryo suspension system using the the spacesuit that came in the emergency kit. My plan was crap and insane but it was all I had so so I began work even partially disassembling the atmospheric reprocessor and waste recycler just enough they would still fully function but now they didn't have any kind of redundancy and one component failure would be fatal.

I played the odds adding fuel into my makeshift cryopod and then crawled into the suit and set up several triggers to wake me up from cryogenic sleep once certain conditions were met mostly if a part was in imminent danger of failing or if the cryogenic fluid i was using was out etc. I turned on my makeshift cryogenic pod and took the gamble. I awoke groggy and exhausted my body was protesting fiercely my standard rations all eaten before I'd gone into cryogenic suspension simply because it wouldn't last long even with the escape pod at minimum temperature.

I ate a meal of stale recycled water and tasteless emergency rations and checked out my situation and boy was I in for a shock dead ahead was a ancient Concord class corvette something that had been out of production for at least 400 years and out of service for at least 345. The corvette was in good shape for an antique but how had it gotten out here and why those questions would have to wait because I was only four minutes from impact with its hull and I had no controls in my escape pod though I did reconfigure the emergency suit and grab everything I could use into the expandable stretch pack before I exited the pod and made yet another desperate gamble I only had seconds to act at that point but if I could push off the back of the escape pod hard enough I might survive.

Just before the escape pod hit the midsection of the corvette and converted into flying shrapnel I jumped backwards off the pod trying to kill my momentum as much as possible we had been approaching at about 14m/s so if I could dump even half that I might survive the landing. I made my leap and oriented myself as best I could and used my last trick to give myself a better chance cracking open the small air cylinder pointed at the direction of travel. The air bottle lasted a few seconds and then sputtering out so I tossed it down to the "ground" just before landing apparently it was enough because I only tweaked my whole left leg and didn't break anything.

My next task was to get inside hopefully it still had atmosphere but I was prepared as best as I could for that possibility and making my way over the hull gave me a excellent chance to get a look at it and I realized that It was in perfect condition something that I could hardly believe. 400 years of radiation bombardment would reduce modern hulls to highly radioactive particles and leave the interior open to space but this corvette was in perfect shape almost factory new condition.

The hatch proved to be unlocked so I quickly opened it and entered and found that the power was totally out and the hatch was powered off so I manually opened the inner hatch which was painfully slow and made my way inside. What I found in that old corvette was a slaughterhouse bodies lay everywhere blast marks scouring the walls and ceiling and only human bodies laying around the escape pods had been launched and the shuttle was missing yet I found twenty six bodies in the ship. I decided to do some house keeping while I let the atmosphere processor run on its internal power until it ran out for now as I had little other choice.

After clearing out the corpses and placing them in the airlock for now until I had a better idea of what to do with them. After my house keeping was done I started on checking out what exactly was wrong with the ship that it had no power and began trying to figure out what exactly was wrong. All of my fiddling around with the system ended up with me realizing that somehow the reactor fuel had gotten depolarized and I'd have to run a repolarization process on it luckily it wasn't that big of a problem but it would take 12 hours and I'd have to manually open the emergency solar panel system.

A couple hours of cranking on a lever and fiddling around with controls and the repolarization process was started and the ship had minimal power now charging the power cells and I could take a short break for now my suit was just about junk as well so it was time to get out of it and hopefully not freeze to death in the ship.