1 Chapter 1. "Vanilla Hi! English isn't my first language so please ignore the mistakes ahead.

hi! english isn't my first language so ignore the mistakes ahead.

The sphere so beautiful, a beguiling mixture of autumn and winter , lakes of silver snow dropping one after the other from underneath the rocks, fissures emiting glitter.

- You rolled the globe scrutinizing it once more, looking at the little mermaid in the middle of the rocks a smile creeped on your lips.

- A snow globe will be the perfect gift for Liz.

- You were about to put it on the counter when a figure leaned against the counter next to you, your hand brushing against his leather gloved one.

- A fresh breath of vanilla beans entering the air.

- Only his eyes were visible under his masked face.

- A double and a mono lid, beautiful dark brown orbs. Those eyes so devilish yet angelic.

- Quite an intimidating sophisticated aura, enticing to be precise.

- The only visible part of his body was his eyes and mullet.

- Beautiful ash silver locks of thick hair pointing out of the black cap.

- Well the look wasn't that peculiar for a raw february night in Canada.


- It's been days since you descried that alluring pair of brown eyes yet they haven't left your mind.

- They keep on haunting you every now and then bringing you right back to the very moment when you first saw them.

- That five second lapse repeating over and over again like a tape recorder inserted with a tape on loop.

- "Yes I'll call you the second I land in Seoul, Liz." you end the call shoving your phone in your pocket.

- Dragging your suitcase you approached the waiting area.

- You idly viewed your sides with no interest at all, you were exhausted and wanted to go sleep during the flight.

- A tall man dressed in an all black attire, faced covered with a mask , came sitting next to you. The puff of clean fresh mint spreading in the air near you.

"PASSENGERS BOARDING FLIGHT 12 PLEASE COME TO GATE 7." the sudden announcement brought you out of trance.

You hurriedly fetched your suitcase and heading to the respective gate.

- Getting out of the airport you stretched your arms inhaling deeply, feeling at ease to finally reach your homeland Seoul, South Korea.

- You walked out towards the parking area where you had called a cab.

"And where do you think you're going." A man said holding out his arm stopping your way.

"Excuse me?" You gave him an annoyed look and started walking out.

"Stop!" He yelled.

"What!?..why? Who are you even?"

You furrowed your brows at the uninvited stranger.

"That's my suitcase you're holding." He said eyeing your suitcase.

"Are you for real, this is mine. Go use these mediocre robbery tactics on someone else." You say shoving your suitcase behind your back.

"Shut up lady and hand over the suitcase." He growled.

"And what if I don't." You scoffed.

"Don't you dare me, just do what you are fucking told to."

"Shut up and let me go." you jerked your wrist out of his hold, but in vain.

"You asked for it." He said pulling you close as his hand reached your thigh pressing in a object that felt like a dragger or a needle ripping through your skin.

- You winced in pain feeling weak in the legs. Sudden feeling of extreme pain overwhelming you, as if the flow of blood in your lower region had stopped. Your legs went numb and the next second you are were on the ground.

"Oh My God." You gripped your thigh. When you tried getting up but failed to find the strength in your legs to do so. As the horrifying reality hit you, you quickly tried other ways. Dragging yourself with the strength of your arms but the pace was too slow for escapism.

"You really are something." He smirked pulling you up.

Your whole body upheld with his arms. His phone started ringing but his the grip on your arm didn't loosen.

"Yes hyung, got the suitcase and the culprit." He said eyeing you.

Paying attention to all four sides surrounding him, a change of expression was observed on his stern face, it softened.

"Oh dear, my clumsy girlfriend got hurt again...come here." He said picking you up bridal style, the smiling not leaving his face.

- You look at him with wide eyes, he gives you a smug face at which you show a disgusted face on him calling you his girlfriend.

- He pushed your face against his chest under his leather jacket, leaving no space for your muffled hesitant calls for help.

You struggled out of his hold but no use , he was way too strong for you.

You reckoned what could be on immediate basis for defense and you did it.....

you bit his nipple.

"Fucking hell." He yelled in pain, letting go of your body making you drop on the floor with a thud.

"Ouch." You whined in pain.

"Crazy bitch." He said carresing his wound.

"Serves you right." You said wiping off the non existential dirt off your clothes.

"Should have gagged your fucking mouth."

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"You curse alot mister." You scoffed.

"Where is my suitcase?" You yelled viewing your sides.

"Yours? Mine! And my men got it."

"Give my suitcase back crazy stranger." You said hitting his chest.

"Quit it." He said shoving out his gun from his waist.

You swolled hard and regretted making him angry that instant.

"Don't kill me dude. Let's solve this piece." You spoke.

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted.

"But I- okay." You squealed.

- He pulled your wrist making you hit his chest and knocked the end on his gun against your head.

"Fuck you." You mumbled under your breath as a strong pain inflicted to back of your head.

Feeling dizzy you grasped the corner of his shirt tightly.

- You opened your eyes to a dark close box you were laying in, the surroundings to tight to move about. "Hell, did I die, Am I in my coffin?" You gasped feeling uneasy to breath...

The box moved forward with a jerk your forehead hiting against the side, you felt nauseatic and fainted.


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