Veiled Saga: Conquest and DominationVeiled Saga: Conquest and Domination

Veiled Saga: Conquest and Domination

by Suezaro

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"If I can't conquer your heart, I will conquer your land." He smirks in the heat of the moment, with drumming heart and trepidation from those audacious words he just declared. And finally, he dealt a spit for his last growl: "This world shall know Domination!" =============== Miguel was an Ex-General falsely accused and was sentenced to death. He transmigrated as a spirit trapped in the body of a former young master, turned to a slave: Argus. The era is at the age of conquest, a millennia before Miguel's country was colonized. Or so Miguel thought? During his takeover, however, Argus's spirit is still alive! Regaining his control against Miguel's spirit. At each change of the phase of the moon, Miguel and Argus swaps. Two souls in one body, two fate under one path. They then come to an agreement and declares to conquer the world. Read as the story unravels the mysteries of this newfound world. How would Miguel and Argus deal with their complicated shared-life while treading their own path to Domination? A Glorious Veiled Saga that re-writes history! =============== photo, not mine. UPDATES REGULARLY: 1 CHAPTER DAILY, w/ OCCASIONAL BONUS CHAPTERS All aboard and welcome to the world of Veiled Saga! DM me at discord for any questions or if you have something to say. (ID: Suezaro#2503) This is my first novel on this platform, Nice meeting you! PLEASE SUPPORT MY BOOK! If you are Filipino reading this, Please support my novel. This story is based on the civilization, culture, and traditions we once had. I hope I can do the best in portraying ours.

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