1 Synopsis


At times,people say love is the best feeling in the world,especially when you experience it with someone meant for you,but that can't be more further from the truth.

you see,I have found love 600 times now,but it all ends in regret,i got to learn that love is just a brief moment of bliss.

I should have known better than to believe in something that stutter's whenever it gets nervous,something controlled by a Little naked peace of shit with a bow and arrow in his hand.

shout outs

So for this book I'll be doing shout outs to the people who inspired me to right this poems and

The first shout out goes to the first and second loves of my life

Girl 1

And Girl 2

πŸ˜‚I won't be mentioning any names.


Finally!!!,I now get to publish my second book,and this one is different,it is a compilation of  some of the poems I wrote due to some of the experiences I had from two very special people the first and second love of my life and some few other friends as well,so enjoy 😁

And get a first class ticket to the shity love life of mine.

So let's begin

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