60 Chapter 60 villains attack the training camp

Next day, day 2 of the training camp, 3 if we're including the day we arrived. If things go normally, today should be the day of the villain attack. I was thinking my presence would have changed it but the spy bugs I placed around the area let me know their plans.

Anyway, it seems their strategy is basically the same from canon, some people split up and cause chaos, while another small team locate and kidnap Katsuki.

Pixie-Bob- "Listen, everyone! Both classes are going head-to-head in a test pf courage tonight! It's your reward for your intense training after all!"

There was that, wasn't there? I have to plan things out. Every one of these guys should have a Divine Augment and I highly doubt the other students can go up against these powered up villains, so I have to make sure no one dies.

The training session ended, and we made some stew. Once again, I practically did the whole thing myself. Again, no one complained. They built up some resistance to my food so they didn't cry this time. They struggled to hold back their tears though.

Dinner is over and now it's time for the test of courage. For you guys who live under a rock, a test of courage basically is where some people walk around a set track, and it's the goal of the other team have to scare the former group as much as possible.

Class B ended up being the people who will try to scare Class A first. Once everyone had a turn, the classes will swap and it will be our turn to scare Class B. Not like we'll have the chance though.

Ragdoll had us draw some lots. Mina didn't have to skip the test of courage to attend those extra lessons. Fortunately, due to me, we still have an odd number of people. And thank my lucky stat, I ended up being the odd one out. That means I'll be the last person to leave.

One after the other, pairs of people head into the forest to their death… what?

*We are having technical difficulties, please stand by!*

When around half of the teams departed, Pixie-Bob suddenly jerked and flew backwards. I was prepared for this so as she was passing me, I reached out and grabbed her arm, and used [Vector Manipulation] to nullify the pulling force acting on her.

Pixie-Bob- "Nya!?"

What was that, that was so cute.

I look back to find the 2 people I was expecting, Kenji Hikiishi AKA Magne, and Shuichi Iguchi AKA Spinner.

Magne- "What, you caught her? No, how is the magnetism not working?"

Arata- "Why the hell would I answer?"

I feel the pull on Pixie-Bob die down and I let go of her. Mandalay and Tiger quickly reacted and jumped in between the other students and the villains in front of them.

Minoru- "How are there villains here!?"

Spinner- "Pleased to meet you U.A students! We're the League of Villains vanguard action squad!"

Mashirao- "How did they find us!?"

Magne- "Enough talking, Spinner."

Spinner- "I know I know. After all… that four eyes there is the one that brought about Stain's end in Hosu city."

Tenya- "Stain? So these are his followers…"

Spinner- "Sure we are! And I intend to make his dreams come true!"

Spinner then unveils his weapon, a mass of blades strapped together with chains and belts in the form of a greatsword… a shit weapon. The balance of that thing is destroyed and just a casual scan of it tells me multiple ways to just lightly touch it and cause it to fall apart.

Honestly, I want to punch him just because he dared to call this junk a weapon.

Mandalay- "Tiger, I've notified everyone of this situation. Ragdoll will make sure that the other students are safe."

She then turns to us.

Mandalay- "Get going, everyone! And remember, no fighting! Lead them, Vice-President!"

Tenya- "Understood!"

Izuku hesitated for a bit before speaking up.

Izuku- "Go on without me Iida."

Tenya- "What do you mean? Midoriya!?"

Izuku- "Mandalay! I know where Kota is!"

Mandalay looks back at Izuku and reluctantly agrees to him moving separately. But just before he leaves…

Arata- "Izuku!"

I quietly pulled out a briefcase from Inventory-chan and throw it to Izuku who quickly catches it. He looks at it and realises it's the same case that holds the gadgets I made for him, his shock glove, gauntlets, and greaves.

Izuku- "Wh-"

Arata- "Get going, quickly!"

Izuku- "No, I mean… where the fuck did you-"

I quickly turn around and run to join the ongoing fight. Mandalay is up against Spinner, and Tiger is up against Magne.

Tiger rushes up to Magne and punches him… her in the jaw.

Tiger- "You're not getting away so easily!"

Magne- "Tch!"

Meanwhile, Spinner is seemingly wildly swinging his giant weapon around. Although it looks random it seems to have its own logic behind it. There's only so much this fighting style can do for you, but it lets you use a wide variety of weapons in exchange. With an unbalanced weapon like his, I guess this fighting style fits best. Not bad.

But, not good rough. I jump in and punch the sword that's swinging towards Mandalay. Don't get me wrong, she would've easily dodged it, but it's better to quickly deal with this guy. After all…


[Name: Shuichi Iguchi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Divine Augment: Quick to Learn, Slow to Master. Can learn anything combat-related quickly up to a certain proficiency.


If I'm correct, if it has to do with fighting, this guy can learn abnormally fast up to a certain standard. But if he wants to take what he learned to a high standard, his Divine Augment will no take effect.

The bad thing is, this also includes learning in the middle of a fight. He'll quickly come to understand Mandalay and will overpower her before Izuku can get back.

So in the end the best solution to take care of this guy is…


Take him out quickly with overwhelming force.

Spinner doesn't have much combat experience and froze up for a second due to the mental shock he felt as his weapon got destroyed. Mandalay, on the other hand, is a veteran. She quickly dashed right up to Spinner and gave him a good smack in the jaw, knocking him out.

As for Magne…

Magne- "Let me go!"

Tiger kept him… her busy for a few seconds and Pixie-Bob quickly trapped her by burying her up to her neck in the ground.

As expected, Pixie-Bob's quirk is quite overpowered, it was even able to take down a Divine Augmented Magne.


[Name: Kenji Hikiishi

Age: 20

Gender: Ma- *Cough* Female

Divine Augment: Mah Dick Fell Off. Able to control her own gender and use her quirk on herself. Prefers to stay in a female state, however.


Magne has the quirk Magnetism and can add magnetic polarities onto other people, causing them to attract or repel each other depending on their gender.

In canon, Magne wasn't able to use her quirk on herself, so she always had to carry around a giant magnet with her. However, in canon, this giant magnet got knocked out of her hand, so she couldn't use her quirk to its full potential, and ended up getting defeated by Tiger.

This time, however, she doesn't need a giant magnet and can disrupt Tiger's balance again and again. Nonetheless, she was still defeated. Saving Pixie-Bob from that surprise attack was the right choice after all.

Mandalay, finishing up restraining Spinner, turns to me.

Mandalay- "Arata, what are you doing!? Quickly get back to camp!"

Arata- "Hai hai, on my way."

I just turn around and head towards camp… until I'm out of their field of view. I then turn and run into the forest. Although I would like to sit back…

[Training Camp Invasion.

The League of Villains has invaded U.A's training camp! Make sure everyone gets out of this alive!

Reward: !&*^&%$

Failure Condition: Someone dies.

Failure: Death.]

I can't do nothing.


A/N: Training camp invasion has started!

MC: Hey, can't you just give me some spoilers? What's up with that reward?

AN: That's a se-cr-et~

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AN: Don't look at me like that.

ROB: I'm on his side this time, that was disgusting. Never do that again.

AN: You too!?

MC: *Uses [Self Reprogramming] to remove that memory*

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