48 Chapter 48 Night with Rumi and yes, it’s an 18+ chapter.

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Rumi and I finally made it back home to our new apartment. It's about the same quality as the last one so it's still quite big with some decorations. Overall, it looks quite nice.

We decide to take a bath but Rumi decides to ditch me and use the bathroom ahead of me. It seems she's still a bit angry that I just spent the whole day on a date with Nejire, so no sexy bath time.


Meanwhile, I decide to use the other bathroom (yes, this apartment has 2 bathrooms, it's that big) and wash. But when I hop in the bathtub, I pour a solution into the water.

No, it's not a bubble bath solution. I mean, it does make bubbles, but that's just a side effect, I swear.

I had this thing made while I was out today. Specifically, it's something I made that heavily promotes growth. I made this with my [Self Reprogramming] quirk in mind. My quirk lets me change parts and aspects of my body to a certain degree, however depending on the change, it takes a while for it to take place. Sometimes, it even takes up to a week.

This solution heavily decreases the time needed. I just need to soak in a mixture of this solution and water, and within 30 minutes, any change I made to my body will be completed.

So, without further ado, I use [Reprogramming] to change a part of my body, and cannonball dive into the bath. Yes, the bath is big enough for me to do that.

As for what I changed… well, it's a surprise tool that will help us later.

30 minutes later, I hop out of the bath. Rumi already left 20 minutes ago and is already sitting at the dining table. It seems she really fell for my food…

Rumi- "What took you so long?"

Arata- "I was preparing something."

Rumi- "What do you need to prepare in a bathroom?"

Arata- "A surprise tool- oh wait I already said that. Nevermind."

Luckily Rumi doesn't seem to care much and just continued to urge me to make dinner, to which I happily complied.

Nothing special happened, I just made the food while Rumi watched from the table. I quickly finished up and we both ate while talking about our day. Well, it was more eating and less talking, but we did say some things during the meal.

When we finished eating, Rumi left to go work out. Normally she would work out before eating but she was looking forward to my food today so she changed things up.

Well, even though we ate dinner it's still early evening.

A few hours later, Rumi returns. I was sitting back on the couch watching hent- I mean, youtube videos on my neuro linker when she just enters through the front door and walks up to me before plopping right down next to me and leaning on my shoulder.

Honestly, I was kinda surprised.

[Your Poker Face skill has levelled up.]

Ok, I was VERY surprised. But why wouldn't I?

Arata- "What's up?"

Rumi- "Nothing. I just felt like doing this."

This woman, why does she have to act so cute. I'm feeling all fuzzy on the inside. Responding to her feelings, I wrap my arm around her waist and hug her.

We don't do anything. Or rather, we don't need to do anything. Just sitting there enjoying each other's company and skinship is enough… At least, I thought so, but…

Arata- "Rumi… what are you doing?"

Her hand somehow ended up in my pants. Don't ask me how, I didn't even notice, but now she's stroking my shaft and honestly, she's good.

(A/N: 18+ starts now. Only degenerates allowed.)

Rumi- "I-I'm sorry, it's just that when you hugged me, my body started heating up and I just couldn't help myself…"

She looks incredibly embarrassed and is blushing a lot but even so, she didn't stop. If anything, she just got faster. Well, I don't blame her. Rabbits are in a perpetual state of heat. If anything, I'm surprised she never had any sexual experience. She told me that whenever she felt 'itchy', she just beat some villains up. If she feels especially frustrated… well, getting a hospital bill will be the least of your worries.

So yeah, she was a virgin until yesterday.

A fun fact though, her hymen was already torn. I remember reading somewhere that vigorous training and movements can tear the hymen, and Rumi is especially active so I wasn't surprised.

While I was monologuing, however, we already moved into kissing. It wasn't that rough kissing like before, but a slow, deep kiss. My hands unconsciously move to her breasts and pussy and start rubbing.

Rumi- "Mmm…"

It seems to be effective. Of course, Rumi isn't slacking either, she's jacking me off and honestly, it's kind of frightening how fast she learns things like this. There's still some awkwardness, but it's smooth nonetheless.

Arata- "Rumi… I'm…"

Rumi immediately understood what I was trying to say and… she just stopped. WHY!?

She gets off the couch and kneels in front of me with her face directly in front of my dick.

Rumi- "Hmm? Isn't it a bit bigger than what I remember?"

Arata- "Remember that surprise tool I mentioned?"

Rumi- "What surprise tool?"

Arata- "Never mind…"

She doesn't bother dwelling on that thought as she immediately swallows my dick. My dick is quite big now at a proud 7 and a half inches due to the change I made in the bath, so I was a little shocked.

She starts bobbing her head and a wave of pleasure hits me. Luckily, I didn't moan.

She kept doing this for about 20 minutes before I couldn't hold it any more and ended up grabbing her head, forcing it down and blowing my load down her throat.

Her eyes started to roll back a bit, so it looked like she enjoyed that. Was that the effect of my [Lewd] skill?

I didn't want to lose so I picked her up while she was still savouring the taste of my cum and laid her down on the couch.

Rumi- "Wai- AH!"

Without pause, I dove straight for her garden and started kissing. It started lightly but I slowly got more and more aggressive. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and looked for a weak spot while stimulating her clit with my fingers. Her legs unconsciously wrapped around my head but I did nothing to stop them. I just wrapped my free arm around them while rubbing them up and down. She never stopped moaning.

Just to let you know, they are very smooth but are packed with explosive power. It's oddly sexy, I ended up just tracing the lines of her muscle. She seems to like that though.

My tongue brushed by a part of her vagina and her walls suddenly squeezed. Was that a weak spot? I went back to it and continued attacking that part and her walls kept trembling. Before long, her whole body shuddered while letting out a rather loud moan before collapsing while trying to catch her breath.

Well, I don't have any plans to wait though. I've got a quest to finish and a woman to please. I bring my face up to hers and give her a deep kiss, letting her taste her own juices.

I rub my erect penis against her pussy, getting some more moans from Rumi, but she then realised what is pressing up against her and started panicking a bit.

Rumi- "Arata, hold on just a mom- *MOAN*"

I didn't listen to her and just stuck my dick all the way in her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I decided to show a little mercy and wait for her to come back… before pounding her like there's no tomorrow.

*Moan* *Moan* *Moan* *Moan* *Moan*

Her moans just never stopped. I forcefully pushed my dick in as far as it could go before pulling out to her entrance and pushing back in again at high speed. I kept going for her weak spots, trying to get the most reaction out of her while occasionally hitting her cervix.

By this point, her eyes have hearts in them while her whole face is in an ahegao. Her arms and legs have wrapped around me and she doesn't look like she's letting go any time soon.

My hands are fondling her ass and pinching her nipple while I kept on pounding her. The part I love about these things is that they are just pure meat, no fat. They're squishy, but incredibly bouncy as well. I can sink my hands into them but they immediately spring back.

This kept on going for a while, Rumi came several times. Finally…

Arata- "Rumi, I'm cumming…"

Her eyes gain a little bit of clarity before she tightened her hold on me. And that was all I needed to know. Several seconds later, I couldn't hold it back, and I pushed in one last time and ended up unloading my seed into her deepest parts.

I pulled out and some of my cum ends up dripping out of her pussy. I just laid down on top of her. After a moment of rest, I whispered into her ear.

Arata- "It hasn't even been an hour since we started, I hope you're prepared."

Her body shivered. Whether it was from anticipation, dread, or something else, I would never know. But she did seem to enjoy the rest of the night.

As an aside, I took some pills. They're like birth control pills, except these are for men. It temporarily kills all the sperm I produce for 24 hours and is specifically tailored for me. Which means as long as I'm the one that's taking it, Rumi has no chance of getting pregnant.

Of course, if she wants to get pregnant, that's a different story.


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