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Vampires Valor


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No clue Tf I’m doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just kinda wrote this when it was 3 am and said, “F it, why not” *** Sebastian was a lesser vampire, he was on the lower end of society and lives on the poor side. But he was still happy, he was fine being a lesser vampire, he was content with it as long as his family was with him. One day he goes out exploring and he finds a cave, in that cave he found a red-ish black orb. He touched the orb out of curiosity, and that changed the course of his life forever *** Yuki was your average boy, mediocre at everything, lived an average life, had average parents, and even had a average family all together. But one day his average life was torn away from him and everything seemed to fade away. Don’t expect anything to be written in this,


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