1 Episode 1

"Damn it, he growled, kissing hungrily down the edge of my jaw. We have plenty of time to work on it, I reminded him. Forever and for ever and forever, he murmured. That sounds exactly right to me. And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of forever."

I then shut the book, and let out a heavy sigh,

"I can't believe that old man send me these books..."

I fix my glasses.

"... I can't believe I actually sat down and read all of them."

I looked at the 4 book series of the Twilight Saga.

"I wish my boyfriend was caring like Jacob or even Edward."

'Gah!' It then stab me like a knife when I realize that I have no boyfriend. I hang my head head low, sulking.

Turning my attention at the time 7:05p.m I sluggishly rest the books in my bag and throw it over my shoulder and walk out.

"Thanks for lending me your library Nena-san." I said.

"No problem, You know am waiting for your next book to come out." The 68 year old woman said grinning at me.

"Sure thing... I'll give you these as presents for the library also." I tap on my bag.

"Alright dear. Get home safe now."

And with that I push the library door open. Exiting, I then walk over to my bike. The sounds of chains can be heard as I remove the and place it, with my bag in the basket which was in the fount. Putting on the bike's light I push the bike then hop on placing my foot on the paddles to head home...

My name is Iwasaki Minako, I am 17 years of age and a senior at the Keio Shonan-Fujisawa junior and senior High School. (Before my mom die she made me attend there). I have deep purple eyes and dark chestnut brown hair. Am living by myself and I never had a boyfriend before. I am a writer, mostly a erotic writer. In short, I earn money by writing.

My boss had sent me these book as research materials to write a story on vampire love, which was a hot topic for readers. I am still debating if I should write a fantasy or an erotic story.

'Luckily he give me lots of time to work on the rest- uh?'

I was knock out of my thoughts when I heard the screeching of tires. I look ahead to see a black SUV, without warning a body was propelled into the bushes. The SUV then speed away out of sight. Blinking a few times I processed what had just happened.

'Should I go check it out?' I thought.

"Nahhh..I already have enough problems." I continue to ride my bike when i heard a painful groaning getting louder as if it's calling me.

"Shit." Couldn't ignore it anymore, I stop and got off my bike. Walking towards the bushes as I saw a body coming to view. I run towards it,

"Hey are you dead?" I ask as I knelt down towards the person.

I then turn the body on it's back, my eye widen as I look at his angerlic face, his wild dark blue-black hair was in his face, he was like god perfect creation. But he had a stab wounds in his stomach and cuts and bruises all over his body, 'Who would want to hurt someone like him?'

I look at his chest that was moving, "Oh he's alive." Without thinking I lean in towards him.

"H.Hello." I said.

A hand was felt behind my neck as he open his eyelids revealing his heterochromia eyes, one honey yellow and the next cyan what I didn't notice was the vine like tattoo marking over his right eye, my eyes widen.

"What are you doing?" He ask.

"Oh.. Armm I was just checking to see if you're alright... Well seeing that you're good I'll be going now." I said speedily. That always happens to me when am embarrassed. And right now my face was beet red. I pull away from him but he held on to my hand.

"Wait. I need something." He said.

"Is it money?... Cause I don't have any." I said laughing awkwardly.

"No... Come here," he said.

I lean closer to him, "What is it?"

"Closer," He said, his voice came out in a whisper.

I lean in some more to the point of not going anymore. My hands on the still wet grass, from the dew earlier.

"Good.. Sorry about this." He whisper.

"Eh?" I said as he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me down on him. I struggle to get lose but no avail. My eyes widened as I felt a sharp pain in my neck,

Blood splattered, and that's when I realized that he was drinking my blood, his fang sank deeper in my neck piercing my veins. I felt my energy draining away from me.

I couldn't believe it, all the myth I've read about them. All was true, I couldn't wrap my head around it or it could be because am losing consciousness.

At least I die by the hands of an angel.

I close my eyes.


"Mmhhnmm...." I woke up to something cold beneath me. I host myself up as my blurry vision came back to me slowly.

I felt around for my glasses, lucky for me I found it and put it on.

I look around to see I was the only one here.

"It was all a dream. No doubt I fall asleep here." I held on to my thobbing head. "I haven't been sleeping much."

I got up and stretch.

"Ahh!" A pain then shot through my neck.

I touch it, "What happened here?"

The memory then came back to me as I grew angry. It wasn't a dream. I can't believe it, he was really cute too. I shake the thoughts out my mind then touch my neck again, and he was a....vampire. I look up at the sky which was getting darker. I sigh, I need to get home as soon as possible.

As I walk over to my bike, I was on macaroni legs so I had to take my time. As I got on my bike I made my way home not realizing someone was watching me.


Blood deprived, I was almost home when I felt I couldn't paddle no more, I got off the bike and start walking leading the bike with me.

I have walk this road many nights but...

I look around.

... This is the first time the place seems spooky.

A presence was then felt behind of me. I quickly turn around to see....

..Nothing. I felt a cold breeze behind my back like something had pass across. I turn my head to see nothing, my body follow after, I felt my heart racing.

Okay get a grip... There's nothing to be afraid of.

I calm down and continue my journey home. The place suddenly got darker. I look up to see the clouds had cover the moon, not much streetlights was on the road.

"Just great..." I mutter. Using only the light from my bike I continue walking to be stop by someone placing their hand on my shoulder. I turn around to face a set of pinkish-red eyes, and white hair.

I was lost of words when I saw him, he then spoke.

"Why are you walking around with no care in the world carry a scent like that?"

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

He then smile at me but something was off. Something sharp and pointy was hanging from both sides. I realize they were fangs. He then pull me closer to him. Seeing that I was already weak from the first incident I couldn't move my body the way I wanted it to. He then look at my neck and spoke,

"A marking... no wonder your scent smells so nice.." he inhale the scent at my neck, "....but who ever you belong to am taking you away from them."

"Kuhhhh....." He then bite me on the other side.

"Hey!" I heard someone shout out.

He slowly pull out his fangs out my neck and look up angrily,

I fell on the floor and turned towards the other guy stretching my hand to him I spoke, "help me.... he's a vampire."

The guy look down on me his blue eyes glow through the night,

"Where's you're owner?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"Am her new owner now." The one that had just bit me said.

"No you're not unless she's not around the first person that bit her we can attack." The guy in fount of me said. He then snap his fingers.

In a flash, 13 other person then appear out of thin air, all males.

'Am I in heaven?' I was in a dangerous situation but I couldn't help but swoon over the handsome guys that surrounded me.

"Am gonna be the first to suck her dry." One of them said.

"not before me." I heard another said.

I gasped as an idea came to me for my work.

Who would of thought that an idea for me to begin vampire love, would be happening to me, wait does that mean am going to do a erotic book?

With my face red, I look at the guys who eye me greedily. I shake my head,

No..right now I need to get out of this situation or I won't be able to live to even write about it.

"Hey she's mines." the pinkish-red eye vampire ran towards me but was stop by the blue eye vampire. They then start to fight.

The guys then launch themselves towards me.

"Help." I cried crouching down with my hands shielding me

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I then felt my body being pulled into a cold embraced.


The guys that surround me start to back away. When the blue eye vampire notice what was happening he ran off shouting, "Be careful with her, next time we'll definitely get her."

I look up to see the same heterochromia colored eyes. Realizing it's the same person I met in the bushes. I pull out of his grip and shout

"You!" he look at me confuse, "You almost got me killed! Twice!"

"Wait? You're the one that marked her?" The pinkish-red eye vampire walked up towards us. I ignore what he had said, and eyed the vampire in fount of me,

He remain quite as I spoke angrily, "I should of just let you die in the bushes....damn I hate my character." I muttered then walk over to my bike. Still couldn't paddle I angrily push my bike home.


Finally home, I shut the door and took off my shoes.

"Please let all of this be a dream."

To tired to do anything, I walked to my bedroom and flop down on my bed, it didn't take a second until I felt my eyelids closing when I remember I had work to do.

"I still have to finish up my homework." I mutter.

"I'll finish it tomorrow...." I said in a yawn.

I then fall asleep forgetting what had happened.

★End of Episode 1

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