1 Prologue: On a Cold Winters Night

On one cold winters night, in a world that is governed by something called The System that allows everyone to see their stats and skills in numeric values, This world contains many different races that live in a constant state of war and beasts that destroy all that lay in their path. The northernmost continent called the Frost continent one of the nine continents that are scattered throughout the world of Athera, it is on this continent that an adventure begins for a girl enslaved by elves.

Arisa's POV

*Crash* The wagon came to a sudden halt

"Monsters! They're attacking!" shouted an elven slaver guard

"Come on let's escape while there distracted" An enslaved kitsune man whispered to the rest of us

We all charged out of the wagon towards the cover of the forest, we were chained in pairs as to try to hinder our escape I just so happen to be chained to the kitsune man, he carried me as I am not as fast as him. oh did I mention he chared towards the monsters, I suppose it does make it harder for the elves to chase after us but he bit by one of the snake beasts, I hope that wasn't venomous.

An hour later we successfully escaped the elves and are a safe distance away but the kitsune man seems to be I pain, It seems the snake might have been venomous as I had feared.

"Are you ok Mr.Kitsune?" I asked him

"No child, it seems I have been poisoned. Are you unharmed child?" the answered the asked

"Yes, I'm fine. I see a building over there maybe we can find help there."

"Right let's go there."

"My name is Arisa Argenti." I introduced myself as we started our walk to the building

"Me name is Ren Noctis, I was a part of the Noctis ninja clan." He introduces himself

"What! You were a ninja?! Can you teach me some ninja stuff?!" I asked excitedly

"Yes, I was a ninja. If we make it through this I will teach you what I can," he said chuckling presumably at my excitement


'So we finally made it to the building, now that we are close it kinda looks like an ancient temple'

"Hello! Anyone home!" I shouted,

With no response, we moved to enter the abanded temple in the hopes of finding something that can help cure the poisoned Ren.

"Hello! were coming it!" I shouted out

"It would seem that there is no one here, at least we can rest here for tonight," Ren commented

"But what about the poison?" I asked him

"I'll be fine for now Arisa," he said

"hm, you can call me Ari. and you better not die on me." I pouted

"Don't worry I won't, after all, I still have to teach my ninja skills as I promised, and I never break a promise," he said while petting my head

"Now go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow," he told me

We found some beds in one of the many rooms of this massive temple-like building so like any sane person I cleaned it before finally going to sleep.

~Dream Realm~

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"Hello child" a voice greeted me

"Whos there!? and where am I?" I asked frightened

"Fear not my child I am Stara the goddess of stars, and you are in the dream realm where to divine speak to there followers through dreams," Stara explained

"But I didn't know you before tonight so how could I be a follower?" I asked

"I was able to pull you here because you are sleeping in my temple" she answered

"Why have you summoned me?" I asked her curiously

"Well my cute little child, I need you to become my follower, because my previous followers were eliminated by Lumen the god of day and his followers if you do I can save your friend" she propositioned

"What will happen if I do become a follower," I asked her

"You will become a Special kind of Vampire you will still need to drink blood every once and a while but you will need less than that of vampires following Mortus the god of the dead, Noxcis god of night and Shira goddess of shadows each god or goddess passes on their own sets of traits" Stara explained

"What traits do you pass on" I questioned her

"The traits that I pass on, the first only causes a little discomfort as opposed to damaging you and your powers won't be lessened during the day, the second the females of the race are stronger with magic but have weaker physical capabilities, and the males of the race are the opposite with them having a more powerful physical aptitude and a weaker magical aptitude but both shortcomings can be solved with dedication in their training, third holy magic and items are as ineffective as they would be on any other living being as you are not undead like the other vampire races, and finally you are able to use the star element" She listed off the traits her vampire followers would inherit

"Ok, I will accept." I agreed to become here follower

"Ok, by drinking my blood you will become the Royal bloodline of my race witch will grant you more special abilities which will include A higher physical and magical aptitude then all other vampires that are not apart of a royal bloodline, and to save you, friend, you will have to have him drink some of you blood that is how to turn other into vampires" She explained


"Ok, thank you Stara," I thanked her

"You are quite welcome my child, one more thing before you go, I will not be able to contact you for a long while, so before you leave the temple there is a hidden door only you can see you will find many artifacts there I want you to take them, there are also many books there that will have everything you need to know about being a vampire and a Royal, There is a storage ring somewhere in the room to so you can store everything in there. Now be careful out there my cute child, the world is a cruel place. good luck on your journey." she said before sending me back

~Mortal Realm~

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