1 chapter 1 "CAMPING TRIP”

"Are you excited"asked Damian.

"About what"questioned Vivian .

"Don't be stupid,you know what I talking about."The Camping Trip"answered Damian impatiently.

"Well of cause I am" said Vivian .

"What did you guy bring for the trip"asked Fabian.

"I brought along a tent, a flashlight,clothes,med kit,mosquitoes repeller and other thing,basically that all i brought along"answered Randy.

"same here"said Vivian and Damian.

"How about you,Fabian"asked Damian while starring at him.

"Well I brought the same like you guys....but did you guys brought a set of tools and utensils"answered Fabian.

"Stop being proud and extra,no wonder you brought a gigantic bag"teased Damian.

"we are almost there"said Vivian with joy.

When they're there they met up with their friends,Ben and Jane.

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