Vampire Loves The Soleil (Filipino)Vampire Loves The Soleil (Filipino)

Vampire Loves The Soleil (Filipino)

by captifant

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Filipino. She has an engaging eyes, an appealing face, a ravishing lips, an alluring hair, a winsome talent, an exquisite body, an aesthetic fashion, an irresistible beauty, and an overall drop-dead gorgeous mien. He does have a pair of bold eyes, a fearless and cold stare, a daring bloody lips, a stalwart, intrepid aura, and a certainly stouthearted temperament. He was merely throughout and watching from afar in the absence of the sun, while her name symbolises the sun that's why she loves it. He does have a fang and loves the blood, she doesn't. They are both stouthearted, a mortal and an immortal. Nothing to worry. Heart can unite, its love.

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