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Vampire Diaries: A Slayer Is Born


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Given the chance to reincarnate into a world of some NEET R.O.B's choosing, Arthur would of course take said chance. Who wouldn't want to live a second life? Pick the right choices they didn't make in their first life. Avoid the regrets they had. Live their best life while knowing the cheat codes and hacks that took decades to learn previously, right? But when the self-proclaimed Goddess said he'd be reincarnating in Vampire Diaries with a few extra add-ons, Arthur didn't really know what to do. Yet when given the chance to pick some wishes, his worries quickly dissipated. And so, the first male Slayer was produced and set upon the world. (A/N - Vampire Diaries will be the focus of the novel but Teen Wolf and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will also be in this world but to a much lesser extent. Also, if you're expecting some cold and calculating, possibly evil, protagonist, you can go elsewhere. The MC isn't gonna be a total goody two-shoes but he's not gonna be a dickhead either. He's gonna be a good guy. If those types of characters annoy or aggravate you, please don't read this story because you'll only end up complaining to me about the MC. Oh, it should also go without saying that I don't own the cover photo. If the original owner wants me to take it down, they need only ask.)


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