1 Chapter 1 - Olympus headquarters

Up at Olympus headquarters all the Gods are gathered around a table thinking about how they can create a ultimate monster for fun and unleash it on a realm.Zeus stands up.

"It needs Saiki kusos powers!" Zeus exclaims.

All the other Gods just nod and get back to thinking for a few minutes and Hades Pops up .

"We shall create first immortal vampire" Hades crosses his arms and waits for praise by the other Gods which they give another nod to and they get back to thinking . The door explodes and Incomes a huge God who is Ares looking bad ass as usual

"It needs to posses the rinnegan eyes compatible with all ability's" Ares shouted and then walked out of headquarters leaving the door shattered in a million pieces on the floor.

"Sure why not does anybody in this room anybody have any more ideas?"

Aphrodite raises her hand blushing.

Zeus" (the longest sigh ever) yes Aphrodite "

Aphrodite " it shall be a fourteen year old boy that will stay that age forever with a beautiful body". The other Gods just forget what she said and gets back to thinking when Poseidon raises his trident up in the air and then he passes out

Zeus "He's been drinking pi*s water again I told him to stop anyway let's finish here and I will start this creation it will take a while I will show everyone it soon"

The Gods stand up and leave trampling over Poseidon on the ground.

One week passed and Zeus had created a vampire that has a amazing pale body , the power of Saiki Kusuo, black Wings, immortality, enjoys human blood, the rinnegan with all of the powers, knowledge of the Gods and shapeshifting. Zeus popped his head outside of Olympus headquarters doors and shouted "Hey everyone the creation is finished!"

One hour later

All the Gods are inside the Headquarters (Poseidon still on the floor from one week ago) looking at a beautiful fourteen-year-old boy with his eyes closed.

Hades" Why did you create this again?" he looked puzzled

Zeus " For the fun of it now let's unleash it into realm no.5 Earth No.18 where they live in like 1763Ad and we are out here living in 999999999 Apples|32 and they have all that weird clan stuff and magic sh*t so let's do it for the fun of it" Zeus and all the other Gods laugh.

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