1 Save The Son (Part 1)

"This is why you shall not fight away! This [Fog of the lost] was aiming your son!" Wu Kong yelled and grabbed Crysta's collar, looked at her with a fierce expression that led her to say,

"Arms off!"

"I will punch you in exchange of your son!"


He landed his right fist right away to the woman's face, threatened her again as he yelled,

"Do you know that your son is in danger now? What did you say to my master when you were married to him?!"

She was only silenced when she heard those.

She remembered that when she was married to the man who was his master, she said something that she wished not to did the mistake by that promise. But now, she had done it.

"I don't need you to say anything right now. Think it out by yourself and you will understand why the [Fog of the Lost] took your son!"

Wu Kong left by himself, knowing that his helpless yet temperamental partner was remained the same.

He decided to walk quickly out to the deeper fogs as he muttered in his mind,

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