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Valkyrie [CoA]


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"My tale wasn't expected. I didn't plan it, I didn't want it, I didn't dream for it. As much as Atlas sounds as the dream of harmony between beasts and tamers, corruption and lust for power still exists. I was part of a proud tribe, note, was." "You're getting ahead of yourself Valkyrie." "Shut up. I already knew that. Ahem, as I was saying, I WAS part of a proud tribe, they were known for the ferocious desert tigers they tamed." "Rikh'shi! The tribe was called Rikh'shi!!" "MELODY! Seriously?! Who's next in interupting me?!" "Perhaps-" "Garakan..." "Don't you DARE, aha ha Ha HAHAH!" "Did you use my last name as a pun..." "Yes Garakan, She did." "EVERYONE SHUT UP AND JUST LISTEN TO MY DAMN STORY!!!" ____________________________________________ A story set in the mythical world of Atlas, where beasts replace the general animals as we know them. From glowing horses to snake headed birds, to gigantic sea serpents and phoenixes, this world has places and creatures yet unexplored. Dive into Atlas through the vision of heroes long forgotten, or heroes so famous they remain in Atlas' history. Dive in and explore to your hearts content, but don't be consumed by darkness..