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The idea itself was unique and revolutionary. I am in awe ๐Ÿ‘ Grammar was top-notched and narration was vividly expressed. More in showing than telling. Good job! It was the quality that I envy the most. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ Kudos and Peace โœŒ๏ธ


A good beginning to an interesting tale. Palace intriegue is always fun, and the author handles it in a deft and nimble way. The characters are likable (the ones that are supposed to be likable, anyway), and the world is fully-imagined.


It's a pretty interesting story. Translation Quality: You need to improve your grammar and punctuation. I saw a lot of errors, particularly when saying His Majesty. Titles need to be in capitals. Stability of Updates: I have nothing to say here. Story Development: It's pretty good. Character Design: I just find Astraea a little too childish. It feels weird to me. World Background: The world background is pretty good.


This is a really good read. Had me addicted right from the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 1. Really effective storytelling conveyed in the very highest quality of writing. Chapter 1 beautifully established the female protagonist, letting the reader in to her happy life, and then from there she has it all snatched away by her impatient evil brother, who does indeed make for a great villain. I look forward to seeing the protagonist set her plans into action and achieve her vengeance. Really good pacing, great character work and terrific world building all further add to the authenticity of this work. I can not recommend this one strongly enough. Go on and give it a read!


I really like this story! It has a good amount of momentum with the plot, not too slow but with enough cliffhangers to keep you wanting to read more. I love how well described and scripted the characters are, and the ethereal quality the author has to their writing. I also enjoy that the main character is somewhat naive? But you can see her thought and character development as the book progresses, which is nice! I think maybe the sentence structure can get a bit same-y ocassionally, but its still a lovely read! Beautiful villian, fantastic lead, love it!


I Need more chapters!!!! If you're considering starting this book, you absolutely should. Every single thing about this is amazing The storyline is intriguing, I love the detailed descriptions laid down by the writer. I love how theres suspense at the end of every chapter. There was little to no grammatical errors in this book. I am absolutely in love with this, i added to my library and I'm anticipating more chapters Very good work author


This book is awesome. The girl is really pretty. I love how it's set up and all the characters. It's really cool. i wish i was in it. I 10 outta 10 recommend


Shameless author here. I am giving this a 5-star rating cause I am biased and I work really hard on this book. I just had to give a review as I just needed one more review to have a rating on my book but no one was reviewing so oh well, I did it myself, no harm done.


Loving the book. hope to get an update soon. The grammar is not perfect but it's fine and the detailed descriptions tells me this is well imagined.


The book is good and I enjoy it but it's been a while since a new chapter had been released. I have been patiently waiting for a new chapter but a week and a day has passed and no releases, I hope the Author fixes this issue