4 III.


"Hey!".Jonakyn snapped out of her reverie and looked at her cousin confusedly." Your spacing out".her cousin point out looking at her.

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Jonakyn smiled at her cousin." I'm fine ". She answered. Her cousin looks perplexed but didn't comment about it and continued eating.

Jonakyn and Anna her cousin are out for dinner both parties are tired because of school works and their part-time job in the school so they decided to go out to eat on a fast-food chain.

"How's the school". Her cousin Anna questioned while they're waiting for the food to be served. Jonakyn looked at her cousin and talk." Nothing much still the same like the first day". Jonakyn answered looking down at her hands while playing with them.

What would you expect to happen they won't welcome her kind with her status it would be a miracle if they'd treat her equally."You'll survive that right?". Her cousin asked her.

Jonakyn smiled " yeah! Piece of cake". She said ensuring her cousin that she'll be fine and will survive. Her cousin smiles." You better be".Her cousin added before digging into the food newly serve to them.

Both parties dig in. Jonakyn smiled seeing her cousin happily eating this is one of the times that makes her happy, she knows that both of them suffers so much they can't even smile or laugh for fun because they have to think more about how could they fix their problems, both have different battles to face and looking at that smiles warms her heart giving her more strength to fight. " Hey! Stop spacing out and eat that chicken already you'll miss the crisps if it's cold already". Her cousin said to Jonakyn making her laugh.

"Ughh that was superb I'm full felt like exploding". Jonakyn laughs at her cousin they're already out of the fast-food chain and now are walking home but her cousin keeps on burping and bragging about how full is she, unlike jonakyn who's just silently listening to her cousin.

" what's with the face?". Jonakyn looked up to her cousin and shake her head but her cousin looked away and talk ." You know you can't lie to me right! ". Her cousin added.

Jonakyn sighed before talking." Have you ever felt that warmth of familiarity in a stranger? ". She questioned, her cousin stop and sit on the rear bench." What do you mean?". Her cousin asked her, she sit beside her cousin before talking.


" pretending not knowing me hmm.". Jonakyn looked at the man whose now looking directly at her, she was stopped by the sudden closeness same as what the man also feels both were stopped

What is this feeling?, Jonakyn questioned herself it is warm and comfortable like her favorite pillow just looking at the man's eyes gives her a familiar warmth that shed been longing.

"Is this some kind of tactics you've got to lure me". Jonakyn was taken aback because of what she heard but what shocked her more is she's no longer annoyed instead she felt amuse and happy which is confusing her more.

" Yeah, probably one of your tactics but to tell you honestly it's not working at all". The man said before turning back at her but before he could do so Jonakyn grabs his arm and hug him so tight like there's no tomorrow.

And then everything stops, her world and everything that surrounds her, the man didn't move either-even if he's confused by jonakyn's sudden move." I miss you". Jonakyn whispered words that slipped off her mouth like shed been saying it for a long time.

" What are you doing?". The man hissed at her pulling away from the hug.

Jonakyn instantly felt empty she felt hurt but she doesn't even know why she felt like crying and that sudden longing she felt was agonizing but instead of doing something she sighed and talk." I'm sorry I'm just so worn out I didn't mean to be that way".

Jonak explained feeling sorry for the actions she did but It was reflexes

it's like she has been doing it for a long time and looking at this man making her feel unknown emotions she doesn't even know she had.

When Dale comes back everything went back to normal like nothing happen both men were talking happily while Jonakyn on the other hand was pretending to be asleep..still, confuse about what she did even if Lucas already said a while ago to just forget about it and acts casually with one another still she can't understand why did she do that and why isn't she felt embarrassed but instead she felt overwhelmed by the hug.


"Are you in love?". Jonakyn snapped out because of what her cousin said she was appalled could it be? but jonakyn and that man just met twice and now she's harboring feelings for him already is that even possible?. Jonakyn was speechless making her cousin laugh.

" Oh my! You are!". Her cousin exclaimed pointing a finger at her flushed face while smiling naughtily, Jonakyn hastily swings her hand to hit her teasing cousin but the brat dodges the attack and laughs at her more.

"I'm not you brat". She hissed attacking her cousin with mild slaps to stop her from teasing but the latter even laugh out louder at her actions.

"then why are you blushing hmm!". Her cousin teased pointing at her face who's now in beet red. Jonakyn was embarrassed her cousin must really know her that much to read her actions like an open book even she couldn't understand it herself but her cousin did what a shame.

But to think about what her cousin teased could it be possible? how could she know she can't even understand herself sometimes but what if her cousin was right could it be possible. Jonakyn was sprung back in reality when she heard her cousin singing a teasing song for her.

" Oh, the brat has a crush". She sang annoying jonakyn more but instead of looking at her cousin she walks faster leaving her cousin behind.

"Watch out!".her cousin shouted.

Jonakyn didn't hear her cousin shout end up hitting a hard chest she almost fell thanks to those strong pair of arms who catches her." Shit!". She hissed and hastily fixed herself, she was about to say thank you and a sorry to the man so she looked up to him but instead of talking she stilled and felt that familiar beating of her heart.

"You". She whispered..

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