1 'Satisfying Jaanvi(Reinu)'

"I took my big prick out of her twat and sprayed all gum out on her mouth. And Jaanvi swallowed all of it like a pro."

Hey you all decent boys and girls today I am going to make you all naughty enough that if it is read with fully-focused mind boys will jerk off their boner and girls will start fingering their pussy. I guarantee this.

So let's begin it.....

Although there is lockdown period going across the globe my village people aren't following lockdown policy at all except quite a few open-eyed sensible people such as me and my family. I am staying at my home however this doesn't mean I don't go out of my home else this simply means that mostly I remain at my home and for quite some time I like to visit my neighbour's house. My neighbour is Pavan living with his totally blind parents and whose first wife had died previous year due to cancer but has managed to marry with a new woman this year in the first month. She is so charming. Talking about her early life she was a widow prior to marrying Pavan. Her name is Reinu but I call her Jaanvi because she has become my jaan after-all she has given me my first experience to fuck a married woman.

To be honest enough I have always loved doing sex and distributed as much love as possible among my opposite parties. But before having hooked up with Jaanvi I was only able to dick females who weren't women but teen girls so I was like a bird to air when Jaanvi offered her pussy to my exact 7 inches 'small' dong.

This is April-May season(a mixture of spring and summer season) and people in my village are busy collecting wheat from their fields. Let me tell you one thing here that this collection process is not as simple as the word seems to be instead it is a massive process which includes cutting of grain-plants, aggregating all grain plants together, asking the grain cutter to arrive at a place where the grain plants are aggregated which then separates wheat and straw. It consumes a huge amount of time to collect wheat from the fields and bring it home safely. And the time Pavan was busy doing work in fields I stole his moment and with it his Reinu and my Jaanvi.

The thing is Jaanvi is very similar to me. I like sex so does she. I like making banters after banters she likes them ditto. I like Mia Malkova and Dani Daniels she likes them as well. And more importantly I like her and she likes me.

Now I would like to tell how we both got connected and came to know each other's desires.

There is a girl named Ritu in my colony whom I had fucked 100 of times. She is fucking awesome and she used to come at Jaanvi's house a lot until Pavan himself restricted her entrance from his house and I actually was the one who took her virginity when her pussy cried tears of blood. Moreover she is my childhood crush. Now why Pavan stopped Ritu's regular visit at his house was all because Pavan overheard some boys talking about Ritu's character like:

"Vishal- I have fucked her right at her house.

Vivek- Not just you Vishal even I but at my home.

Saurabh- Not just you Vivek and Vishal I together with my uncle's son(Gaurav) ruptured her cunt."

These words from Vivek, Vishal and Saurabh were sufficient for Pavan to build a negative image about Ritu in his head which consequently urged Pavan to limit Ritu's arrival at his house so that his Reinu doesn't get characteristics of Ritu if she continues to visit his house regularly without purpose. According to me he did it right as he wanted to protect his wife from getting black shadowed by Ritu's character.

But I would like to tell you one more truth here that Ritu is very innocent and not a whore as you people might assume her to be however credit of her bomb figure including round ass, and fuckable tits goes only to me. She has never shown even a single piece of her pubic hair to any of them who talked about fucking her. It was all fun that they made during those dirty tallks.

One day as I was just about to ring the bell at main gate of Pavan's house to make my entry I heard Pavan hot-headedly shouting on Reinu(Jaanvi) in front of Ritu and later on ended up shouting on Ritu thereby intimidating her by ordering her not to meet Reinu and not to come at his home unnecessarily. It made Ritu feel so awful that she started shedding her tears and almost made a footrace towards the main gate of Pavan's house. Ritu opened the main gate and kept running until she entered her house. After seeing all this drama taking place I prohibited myself going to Pavan's house that day. Two days later I saw Pavan going to his fields to bring home wheat for which the man has worked so hard.

He went, so after half an hour I rang the bell at her house and there came she wearing a beautiful light blue saree and opened the gate.

"Oh devar ji aap, aaiye aaiye."

"Oo brother in law you, come inside come inside." Reinu invited me jestily.

Although I knew that Pavan has already gone to forest I went inside asking her, " Bhabhi, bade bhaiya Kahan hai dikh nahi rahe?"

"Sister in law, where is elder brother he is not visible?"

"Haan vo aaj genhu ikatthe Karne gaye hai."

"Exactly he has gone to aggregate the wheat." She answered.

"By the way leave everything and sit on the sofa behind and do let me know what should I bring to my ACROBATIC brother in law, tea coffee or something else ?" She questioned me.

I said that bring me something else you have and giggled. She grinned too. And I was like,"Oh yeah what a wonderful smile she has!"

Then later she brought me a glass(750ml) of pistachio, almond and saffron milk, all mixed together. Having finished it in a gulp I appreciated her for which she thanked me.

After this I sat on one knee and took that marigold flower out from my pocket and said, "Take it Bhabhi this is in return of your delicious milk you have just offered me."

She said," Offo Devar ji you are so surprising. Thank you so much."

"Bhabhi more than me you are surprising. I never knew that milk can be this much appetizing if your love is added to it. How lucky Pavan Bhaiya is to marry you!" I made my numbers.

"But I am not that lucky." She murmured this sadistic sentence.

I got confirmation that she needed to be pressed by me that day.

A few seconds later she went back to kitchen taking that empty glass to place it in utensil washing sink. And while she carried on washing the glass in the sink it gave me ample moments to recap that how did she came to know that I am ACROBATIC?

And finally I asked her this.

For which she replied that who did not know that?

"Oo Bhabhi come on tell me." I asked like a child.

"That day in the evening when you were at your terrace performing handstand, handstand walk and making bridge of your body I saw you and trust me I shooted your video as well on the traut." Saying all this she started showing me the video in her iPhone 11 Pro Max by getting so very close to me that her cleavage from her modern blouse was easily visible. Trust me I got mouthful of water seeing that narrow road between her boobs. We were sitting on the sofa together.

She further said, "Devar ji you are so sporty please teach me some of the exercises that you do so that I can get fitter like you."

I said I will but only if you fulfill one condition.

"What's that?" She raised her eyebrows asking this.

"Ok then tell me what happened that day when Ritu went from your home with tears in her eyes?" I took Jaanvi's left hand in my left hand, covered it with the right one upside and interrogated politely.

She then released her hand from between my hands, stood up, turned her back towards me and said that she would but only if I fulfill one condition.

"And what's that Bhabhi?" After standing and turning her face to face I asked.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone." She whispered.

Okay I replied.

She caught my right wrist and took me inside her room and closed the door. She went on to her knees and unzipped my pants, took my already so hard schlong in her hands, jerked it a few times and finally gave it an entry to her kisser.

I reminded her, " Bhabhi this is wrong. You know you do Karvachauth fasting for Pavan Bhaiya. I think I should make a go from here."

"I will let you go only if you make me cum." Bhabhi caught my penis hardly and forced me to stay there.

She asked me to remove my lower clothes wholly and then madly continued sucking my dick. While she was doing it the bell rang at the main gate. It was a terrible condition to be honest as Bhabhi feared it was Bhaiya ringing the bell.

"I am Ritu." Ritu yelled from outside.

After adjusting her saree properly she went to the gate and opened it. Ritu said that she was there to get her clutcher and banana clip of hair which she left the day Pavan Bhaiya ordered her never to come at his home and meet Reinu.

Bhabhi came to the room in which we were just about to play sex to take Ritu's requirements and unfortunately Ritu saw my slippers outside the room which made her ask Reinu, "Is Gagan here Bhabhi?"

Bhabhi replied with a no.

"Then why is his slippers here?" Ritu pointed out.

Providing her clutcher and banana clip in her hands Bhabhi said," Maybe he had forgotten wearing his slippers but don't worry he will take them."

Ritu went off taking her materials and a certain doubt about me being in Reinu's room.

And then came Bhabhi once again, jostled me on the bed, came over me, took off my remaining clothes and blowed my dick a little more as it became flaccid in tension of being caught by Ritu red handed.

Everything was okay then when Bhabhi again moisturized my dick with her saliva. It became hard and I became too much horny. So I took Bhabhi under me on that amazing upholstered-bed. Bhabhi was looking absolutely ready for sex and her eyes were just pleading my shaft to enter her magical hole sooner as possible. I wanted to kiss her but fear of deadly Corona Virus didn't allow me kissing her. The very next moment I found my lips being smooched and I was like wtf inside me but wow, bingo! I will give 101 marks to her kissing ability.

Her saree got removed by me within fractions of seconds and so was her tight churidar pants that she wore under the saree and started finger fucking her. Believe me I wasn't going to lick her clean shaved pussy but she stood up on her buttocks and firstly removed her blouse then forced my face into her pussy and made a grip of my neck from back with her legs. Her pussy was smelling alright and more importantly there wasn't any smegma found sticking to her labia minora. I entered my tongue inside her pink hole. Oh yeah it was hot and as she was already wet so I sucked all the juices her pussy had to offer. She released my neck then from between her legs grip.

After all this warmup my real workout was about to begin.

As we were in missionary position thus I took my dick and inserted it's glans(head of penis) slightly in Bhabhi's magical hole and she cried out in mirth like a virgin does a big oooooooooo.....!

"Is everything alright?" I worried a little.

"You keep on boy." Jaanvi responded in pleasure.

With every inch of my cock going deeper inside her she was tightening her grip on my neck from her arms and kept kissing me whenever I made her feel more excited. While I kept fucking her pussy I felt mercy for her big tits. I sucked them on the way making sure I didn't halt banging her tunnel. I could see a glad face of Bhabhi in satisfaction and as she was tired of being under me in missionary I wanted to make her relaxed for a couple of minutes so I went up to her mouth and deepthroated her. Believe me she is a mind-blowing lady.

Then I placed my dick in her cleavage and fucked her boobs because no matter what I could never do injustice with boobs and everytime I pushed my dick upwards she gave it a tongue. I kept pushing and pulling my shaft between her boobs.

Very fastly I turned her 180 degrees from being dicked in missionary to be fucked in doggy style. I put some saliva on her vagina and started pumping her from behind.

"Devar ji kbse aap jese ki talash thi."

"From how long I was searching someone like you." Jaanvi articulated as she was enjoying every stroke of mine.

The amazing part here is that when I was in full form hitting her hard all the way in and all the way out mistakenly my dick changed it's direction from downside to upside thereby slipping in her butt-hole. She screamed in big pain that even made her blind parents in law worry about her," Reinu beta kya hua?"

"Reinu daughter in law what happened?"

For which the latter replied," There is a big cockroach in my room Pita Ji, Mata Ji, but you people don't worry I have sprayed Red Hit in room.

"In real knaa?" Her mother in law asked.

Yeah yeah Mata Ji was Jaanvi's reply. Her parents in law went to their respective places reciting Om Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay.

Then I continued stretching her asshole. Initially she hesitated but she became used to it in 15-16 strokes. She was like," Devar Ji your dick is similar to a straight bottle gourd it's aching a lot when you pump it in. Please come back to my vagina."

Bhabhi Ji it's God's wish that I entered in your butthole unintentionally and we should not go against God's wish, if my dick is in fate of your ass let it be even if it's aching or paining inside after-all 'Pain is all pleasure in sex'."

"Devar Ji it's illegal however." She stopped me from doing further, courtesy of Sodomy law.

"I think I should stop if it's illegal." I took my Amul Macho's briefs from downside and started wearing it.

"What are you doing Devar Ji? Why all this? Why are you putting on your clothes back even without getting exhausted?" Being in tension she questioned.

"No no I am done now." Being in tantrum I said.

"Because I did stop you from fucking my ass further that's why, yes knaa?" She followed my previous sentence with this one.

No sooner did I say yes then she threw me back on the bed and removed my briefs. She took cowgirl position and sat on my dick going inside her ass which she lubricated with her own spit.

It was a crazy stuff while she kept jumping on my tool very hard although she was bearing pain. When I saw her in pain the most, I made her happy by putting my prick back in her pussy hole. After 5-6 minutes of fighting between my weapon and her clean shaved tunnel she squirted and sounded in joy," Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...…aaaaaahhm...."

So when she got orgasm it was my slew next.

Two minutes later approximately as I was going to cum I took my big prick out of her twat and sprayed all gum out on her mouth. And Jaanvi swallowed all of it like a pro.

The greatest compliment still in my life is when we dressed ourselves back and I asked her to compare my dick with that of her cuckolded husband(Pavan).

"There is no comparison between your bottle gourd type dick and his lady's finger type too small stick." Jaanvi uttered.

After that day I have fucked her one more time . In today's date we have mugged up each other's contact number so whenever she feels that she has an opportunity to cheat her husband she pings me up and I then let her vagina and ass alongwith mouth and cleavage do some stretching exercises.

I satisfied her needs so if anyone of you(only females especially aunties) want to get the same satisfaction then please do give me one chance to serve and feed your body.

Numbers are:



Sorry if I had hurt you but that's the only way I know.

Thank you for giving your valuable time, and miss you all loving, caring people.

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