1 US 3 SIBLINGS (prologue)

The day my life changed.

I was patiently trying to reflect on my audacious actions in my room when suddenly the news broke out.

" the Duke and duchess have just passed away!"

I felt my efforts go in vain. the new couple handkerchiefs which I exclusively embroidered for my parents slipped from my hands and it ground underneath my feet crumbled. the world went dark and my heart became void.

that time I pulled my self together keeping emotions aside, dashed off towards my sister's room. there I met my elder brother console her.

"Art..." words slipped out of my mouth.

he opened his other arm towards me indicating that I had to let my self free. I slipped into his arms and began sobbing beside my younger sister eliana. tears rolled down ours cheeks without any restraint from any of us.

"Ariana, don't hold yourself back in front of me." art whispered and I began sobbing more than ever.

it felt like the lessons I had learnt since my childhood were naught since I couldn't keep my self in check and my thinking was no longer straight.

"Don't forget that we will be there for each other forever" my younger sister whispered.

despite her weak constitution, she was optimistic. I patted her head a bit.

we all took half an hour to calm down.

my elder twin brother knew how severe eliana' s health was and couldn't survive another year. therefore we as a family had decided to make that year the most memorable one.

the servants were all weeping out in the corridors and had decided to give us some time together. the butler finally came in and claimed " your aunts are at the gates of the mansion young master and young mistresses" and we didn't require him to continue.

it was obvious that they had finally come back to claim some wealth. we were wondering why they had not come but they made sure to not disappoint us.

Art waved his hand, signalling the butler and maids to lead them to the parlour.

now is when the real battle to survive shall start.