1 Prologue

The world had never been more bustling. In this overly complicated world, people of all classes are living on their own orbits, and all of them were occupying their own lines, never intersecting each other.

The cool breeze filled the surroundings as the sun slowly disappeared from the horizon.

Life in the city is still so lively! Various people come and go, all busy with their lives.

When night fell in Phoenix City, one of the most bustling metropolis in the country, those who worked hard for the day began to have their colorful nightlife.

Neighboring the longest river delta, Phoenix City covers an enormous mass of land! It is almost five times that of the capital city. Close to the coast, the economy here is leading over other cities in the country.

The residential area in the city center is where various villas rose from the ground, and government vehicles were parked. Here is the residence of prominent officials of Phoenix City Government.

This community is even more known throughout the city!

At this time, in one of the villas, which is not luxurious, but the tallest and most extensive and filled with a very contemporary taste. The natural wind blew gently, passing through every corner of this villa.

A faint noise suddenly came from the master bedroom. Even the wind became curious and blew itself gently until it reached the corner of the room where the strange sound came from.

"Huuu.." The curious wind ran away immediately after seeing the scene inside!

Inside the room, a boy who looked to be in his teens was standing beside a large bed. The boy looked young, he could not even be classified as an adult, but at this time, he was standing naked, holding a pair of white and tender long legs in his hands.

On the big bed lay a graceful flesh. Her round buttocks were slightly suspended in the air, and her white jade breasts swayed along with her body.

With the rhythm of the boy's hips and the movements of the woman's waist, her snow thighs squirmed eagerly, greedily accepting the aggressive snake!

The waves of her breast and hips dazzled the boy!

With his steady strength, the graceful woman swallowed his body more frantically.

Both people were extremely excited and indulged in this slightly strenuous yet intensely stimulating posture!

A moment later, in the middle of their fierce squirming on this romantic night, the woman's climax arrived!

Under the sound of the impact of flesh, a high-pitched moan came from the small mouth of the beautiful young woman, and her body trembled violently along with it.

Series of moans can be heard from the woman, enough to make every men's bones soft!

Open the forest and invade the cave, pierce the cracks and break the fog!

The boy's body suddenly stiffened.

Suddenly, the two people's enthusiasm converged! In their tremblings, the entanglement of their sexual organs stimulated them all over again!

In a moonlit night, Li Xuan looked up to the sky comfortably with a pair of bright, lively eyes: "So good!"

The lady was completely drained of strength. She couldn't even open her eyes, staring at the ceiling while panting as if she was drunk.

Her jade body was soft like noodles, suffering from Li Xuan's aggressive attacks, especially the irrigation of her garden and moisturization of her hidden flower.

Such an exciting one! Li Xuan looked at the weakened beautiful woman on the bed. His thoughts unknowingly drifted to those days years ago.

Thinking back like it just happened yesterday, but the past seemed like it was a whole another life. Li Xuan's heart is filled with a sense of accomplishment of his complete conquest!

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