1 The New Prisoners of Senkam Special Prison! The World's Youngest S-Class Superhuman

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"At 2.21 pm today, Queen Street was attacked by terrorists. All the houses and buildings within a ten-mile radius were destroyed, and many innocent citizens were injured.

After the incident, the police arrived and arrested a criminal at the crime scene, who was currently still in a coma.

This is Maltz Avra reporting live from the crime scene."

-- Al City Daily


Mengo Sea.

Near the coastal area of Al City, there was an isolated island with a large rectangular building made of black metal, so dark that it absorbed the sunlight instead of reflecting it.

There were a few words at the front door of the building -- Senkam Special Prison!

The island was surrounded by a great expanse of featureless sea, and powerful waves battered its shores.

If any of the prisoners wanted to escape from here, they would either need to grow a pair of wings and fly away or swim hundreds of miles to get to Al City. Of course, neither of those was possible for a normal human.

Meanwhile, in the warden's office of Senkam Special Prison.

A middle-aged man in a black suit with neatly spaced hair was sitting on an office chair. He was Bob Gunton, the chief warden of Senkam Special Prison.

He was reading a document, with a photo of a young man on its front page. The man was very handsome, and the document had some information about him.

Bob asked, "Is this Brandon Hayes the first prisoner we've received in three years?"

A blonde woman with blue eyes, charming looks, and an exaggerated body shape stood in front of his desk. When she heard the warden's question, she stood at attention and said, "Yes!"

She was Catherine Elizabeth, the head guard of this prison.

After answering, she continued, "Warden, this guy just committed an ordinary 'terrorist attack'. According to the law, he should be sent to an ordinary prison, not here, right?"

She had doubts about Brandon's identity, but she couldn't be sure.

On the surface, the warden in front of her looked like this was the first time he'd seen Brandon. However, she would be too naive to think that the warden didn't already know about him.

As the warden, he was the first person to receive the details of every person who entered this prison.

Bob chuckled. "He's already been sent to us. Do you still think he's an ordinary person?"

He put down the document in his hand and leaned back in his chair. "As far as the public is concerned, this is an ordinary terrorist attack."

"However, after investigation, this incident was actually caused by a battle between a few S-class vampires and werewolves. The aftermath of their battle almost destroyed half of Al City. It was a battle between superhumans... and the center of the battle is Brandon Hayes's home!"

"The police arrested Brandon Hayes, who was still unconscious in the middle of the ruins. Without a doubt, he is one of the S-class superhumans who participated in the battle."

Hearing that, Catherine's pale green eyes shone with a shocking light.


Although she had guessed that there was more to Brandon than met the eye, she would never have thought that Brandon, who wasn't even an adult, actually had the strength of an S-class!

S-class was the highest class among superhumans.

Suddenly, her expression changed. "Warden! Brandon had the strength of S-class even before he entered the escape game. If he gains rewards in the escape game and becomes stronger, I'm afraid..."

The escape game was something that every human on this planet had to experience after they became adults.

Hundreds of people played a game of survival in another world. Whoever won the escape game would receive survival points, which could be used to exchange for anything you imagined, even a longer lifespan!

A person who had S-class strength at the age of 18 would definitely use the escape game to rapidly increase his ability.

The strongest criminals they could hold in their prison were S-class superhumans.

Any higher...and they wouldn't be able to hold them.

Bob understood what she meant, but he was still indifferent. "Don't worry, Avril has promised me that she will assist us this time."

"Since she wants to use this prison to fend off the disturbances outside, she naturally has to pay the price!"

Hearing the words 'Avril', Catherine finally heaved a sigh of relief.

If she was willing to assist, even if God wanted to break out of the prison, there could only be one outcome -- failure!

"Go, enforce the rules. Don't worry about the superfluous ones."



That afternoon, all the prisoners in Senkam Special Prison saw two prison guards carrying a shrouded body bag and walking towards a cell

This scene attracted the attention of all the prisoners.

After three years, there was finally a newcomer in Senkam Special Prison.

The prisoners gathered together, chatting and laughing. Compared to ordinary prisoners, they were not scared of the prison guards.

"Hehehe, it's been three years since the last newcomer arrived. I thought it had really gotten quiet out there."

"I wonder how strong this guy is."

"No matter what, as long as he is here, he is a newcomer. We'll hold the usual 'welcome ceremony'!"


The 'welcome' from the 'seniors' was the first hurdle that every newcomer who had just entered the prison had to face.

"I don't know if this newcomer is a natural-born superhuman or an acquired superhuman who obtained superpower in the escape game."

"Why is he in a shrouded body bag? Is he a vampire who's afraid of the light?"

"Are you stupid? You should know Senkam's natural light mimicry has no effect on vampires."

"Then why is he in a bag? Could he be from some strange race?"

The 'seniors' laughed as they watched the prison guard carry the shrouded body bag up to the third floor. But as the prison guard did not stop and went up to the fourth floor, the prisoners gradually stopped laughing. Even their voices had become softer.

The prison guards did not stop when they reached the fourth floor. They went up to the fifth floor.

At this moment, the prisoners who were still discussing the 'welcoming ceremony' had a fearful expression on their faces.

The prison guards did not stop when they reached the fifth floor!

The prisoners didn't say another word.

As for those prisoners who were discussing how to make the 'welcoming ceremony' even more exciting, their legs were already trembling. At the same time, they were praying in their hearts.



"Don't go up anymore!"


The prison guards didn't stop.

The sixth floor!

The highest floor -- the seventh floor!

Countless incredulous gazes were fixed on the two prison guards. The prisoners who had just discussed the welcoming ceremony now had ashen-pale faces.

All the prisoners were thinking the same thing.

'This newcomer is actually an S-class superhuman?!'

The relative peace that Senkam had maintained for three years was about to become chaotic.

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