Sandra POV

here I am...soaked from the rain,waiting for someone to call me from home out of concern.hours had passed even a single call or message never came.i just got back from China after attending a competition and won for first place.no one even accompanied me,no one even cared about me going to other country by myself,no one is even concerned about me. I do have friends,but I don't want to bother them since they also has responsibilities.None of my family members remember that this day I'll be back home...no one... absolutely no one.

I just walked home carrying my bag and achievement.

after about 2 hours of walking I reached home,the cars are here means they're home,I got inside and went upstairs but I stopped because I hear laughing in the dining room.i slowly walked there and saw my family,my mother,father,2 older brothers and my older sister eating and laughing happily like I never exist.my brother John noticed me but just ignored me and so am my mother,I'm freaking freezing because of my soaked clothes and they just ignored me.i just went to my room to get change.i wonder what happened,they looked so happy without me,they looked so happy like they're a complete family...did they just forgot about me?did they just forgot that I'm they're freaking family member?!

my eyes got teary and I just went to sleep without eating anything since morning.


I woke up feeling sick,well who won't be sick after being soaked for 6 freaking hours?I got up and went to the kitchen to look for medicine and food. as I walk in the dining room there they are,eating breakfast.i walked to the drawer and looked for medicine and suddenly me father spoke."when did you get home?"he asked.i was shocked,he don't even know I got home yesterday?he didn't even noticed me? I sighed and answered "last night father"."so did you win?"my mother asked.

Wow they didn't even asked me if I'm okay or not.they didn't even asked me if I already ate.they didn't even asked me if something happened to me on my flight.i sighed again and answered "yes I got first place"."okay"she answered coldly like it's nothing for her.i got the medicines and grab my food for breakfast but I got nothing."oh I forgot to cook for you,just eat at your school"my mom said.

Forgot? how? how can she forgot about me?

I just nodded and walked back to my room feeling dizzy.i got a freaking fever.

but still I changed and got ready for school after taking the medicines.

on my way to school my friend Chase texted me saying she will wait for me at the school canteen.after 30 minutes walking I arrived school and went to the canteen to meet Chase."over here!"I heard across the area and walked there seeing a joyful Chase and my boyfriend Marc. "hey babe"I said as I sat beside him."he just smiled and focused back to his phone."how was you trip?" Chase asked."it's-...it's okay I guess"I answered hesitantly."how about you?how are you?"I asked her."well my mother just got me a new dress and yeah I'm fine"she said happily.wow I'm so jealous.i glanced at Marc seeing him smiling widely while texting someone on his phone,I got curious so I asked him"who are you texting?"."none of your business" he said coldly."o-okay,sorry" I said sadly. the bell rang and I went to my class.


two days have passed Marc isn't even talking to me,he never answered my calls and never replies back so now I'm calling him but he just blocked my number,even in social media. I was shocked and hurt.then I scrolled through my social media and one thing made my heart broke.my older sister Joy and Marc holding hands with the caption:with my love of my life on my side. Just what is happening?I then cried and cried until I fall asleep.

3 hours have passed and I hear laughing downstairs so I went down. I then saw my sister holding a flower and chocolates,also there's Marc,beside her smiling widely like ever before.i knew it,I knew this already,I saw this on some movies. I walked to them with a forced smile on my face and said "Joy,can I talk to Marc for a minute?"I said calmly with a smile.she looked at me for a second and nodded. Marc then stand up and we walked to the kitchen."tell me everything"I said trying to hold my tears."when you were at China I fall for her,and now we're dating obviously" he said casually.i looked at him with tears streaming down my face and said "what about me? what happened? what about our relationship?". "we're done.im breaking up with you"he said like it's nothing.i just nodded and said "take good care of my sister" and left to my room. as soon as I closed the door of my room I fell on the floor,shocked and broken hearted. is this really happening?my boyfriend just broke up with me cause he fell for my sister,what about me?!! what about our 7 years relationship?!! what about our plans?!! we planned after graduating from college we will marry each other and be together?!! he even proposed to me last year!! he promised me he will never leave me ever... he promised he will love me until his last breath.what happened? where are his promises? nothing is in my mind but the question "WHAT HAPPENED?!!"

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I cried like I was about to die so I climbed up my bed and continued to cry all day.