A great year just happened and ready to leave . I am Liam Forge, 17 years old.

I am the only child on Forge Family so I can do whatever I want.

"Goodmorning Kian" My Mom greets me as she enters my room.

"Are you ready for the Christmas Eve?"

"I think so?" I said then we shared laughters.

"Fix yourself now then go downstairs okay?" She said.

"Okay" I shortly replied.

I watch her leaving my room, She's wearing a Black Shirt and Black Pants with a Tiny Black Jacket.

"I think she doesn't hate that color" I said then giggled.

I entered my Bathroom and take a shower. I finished taking a shower and fixing myself.

As I goes down, I saw my Mom and my Relatives stop talking and watched me. I saw the smiles on their face. damn.

I think this was the start.