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Untamed journey


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The first ten years of my first life and yes that’s right this I my second life and I most regrettably do remember all of my first life from the cold blooded murder of my father, the public execution of my younger brother to the brutal killings of my mother and sisters to the countless betrayals and backstabs from those I’d considered family and those who were actually family, all of it. It was seemingly like the whole world was against me in that world until I was unknowingly reborn as an infant in a new magical world at least this life it’ll be different right? Actually yes ..... I was born by the most richest, most beautiful, strongest, and talented people in the world the only downside to this life which is a only really a minor downside like so minor that it’s not worth mentioning you know they’re just being hunted by every known organization in the nearest hundred trillion universes no biggie right ........ uggggghhh fuck my life.


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