1 chapter 1 - Begining Mumbai,India

A old women in her 60s walked into a huge beautiful mansion and went straight in kitchen and started preparing breakfast .

suddenly a voice came from upstairs

women 2: kamla ..... oh kamla where are you ????

kamla: coming madam ( hastily)

kamla went to upstairs and knocked the door of that women's room.

women : come in

kamla: sorry madam ,today i am late

women: may i know the reason

kamla : mira madam my daughter is sick.

mira: Then what can i do. Now out

kamla: ok madam

kamla exits from room and got busy with her works.

servant quaters

A girl in her early 20s was sleeping in a small bed. Her small room is decorated neatly.Beside that girl another girl was caressing her forehead . Her name is Navya.

Navya: Tara why do you exert yourself too much that also for him. He didn't even acknowledge you and your hard work.

Tara (huskily): Navya you didn't went to home yesterday ???

Navya : Are you stupid or what ? kamla aunty is now getting old,she can't do all the works togather . so i am with you both since yesterday.

Tara: but your job

Navya: shhhh.. shut up and now sleep

Tara again went to sleep due to high dose of medicine.

Navya sat beside window watching the heavy rain endlessly and went to flashback.


Mr. Harsh malhotra , a reowned businessman of his time threw a party in his mansion for his recent success. He weaved his way through the crowds of champagne -baring waiters and hesitating women with glass at a dangerous angle out to the side, but eventually he found the one for whom he was looking for. He happily went to him and hug him dearly.

Harsh : where were you ? you are so late .

man: Not my fault sir, you know mumbai's traffic.

Harsh: leave it, how the office work is going on vishnu .

vishnu : sir everything is fine , sir meet my wife kamla

Harsh: oh.. hello kamla , how are you ?

kamla: i am fine sir.

Harsh: just fine ,you should be happy .your bundle of joy will come soon anyday.

kamla : i am waiting for that day eagerly.

suddenly a boy of 10 hugged harsh from behind and a smile came on his face automatically. He turned around to saw his own blood, his world, his son VIHAAN holding him. Harsh pick him up in his embrace and kissed his cheeks . Both vishnu and kamla were admiring them.

Harsh: what's the matter vihaan ,suddenly showering so much of love.

vihaan- I missed you (smiling cheekily)

Harsh: missed you too my son.

vihaan: This party is so boring

suddenly he noticed kamla and vishnu

vihaan: Hello aunty and uncle

vishnu and kamla: hello vihaan.

but vihaan's eyes were stucked into kamla's baby bump. He didn't know why a sudden urge came within him to touch the baby bump. As he touched it ,his heart started beating fast and he felt a current passed through his body. He felt there is a connection between him and that baby bump.