1 Ying Ling Lan (1)

I watch as different scenes continuously played in front of me. Like a movie.

It shows the life of an orphan growing up.

How she was abandoned by her parents when she was merely a month year old child in an orphanage.

How she spend her every time studying. Isolated by every child.

How she sleep at night dreaming having a loving parents.

How she grew up into a beautiful and intelligent lady.

How she experienced of having a boyfriend.

How she experienced being betrayed and being used.

How she improved and trained herself hardly to protect herself from any dangers because she knew that she can only depend in her own self.

How happy she was when she was granted a full scholarship in a prestigious University.

How she graduated in the top.

How she entered the industry of acting.

How she was looked down by malicious people.

How she stayed persistent and confident.

How she became known and appreciated by fans and people in film industry.

How she love again.

How she experienced being cheated again.

How she advanced again.

How she quit acting.

How she established her own Empire and respected by many.

How she was inflicted by an incurable and unknown disease.

And how she died in the hospital bed at the age of twenty six.


I watched until the end.

I felt so sad for the once confident and queen like woman breathed her last breath.

I looked at the woman's appearance.

Her once smooth and long black hair turned rough and ugly.

Her skin that was as white as snow turned into dry and yellowish one.

Her once healthy and graceful figure was transformed into with only skin and bones remained.

That woman was me!!!

Realization hit me and remembered everything.

That scenes was my life!!!

Thus I cried even harder not noticing that the surroundings have changed after the images vanished.

Everything is darkness.

I can no longer see where am I.

Despair. Hopelessness. Pain. Sadness

That is what I am feeling right now.

Am I born to be alone?

To not be loved?

My life was great but so what?

In the end I died without a companion in life.

I felt so tired.

I am ready to leave.

I am ready to succumb to darkness when a burst of light explodes in the space where I currently am.

"Wake up my child."

A very soothing voice rang in the silent space. It was full of warmth like a mother do when coaxing a child.

I open my eyes and stare at the breathtaking woman standing not so far away from me.

She is wearing a simple light blue dress.

It is so long that it trailed behind her, like a flowing river.

Her silvery white hair is like an expensive silk swaying gracefully, even if there is no wind,giving an air of an immortal fairy.

She have these perfect eyebrows paired with her unnatural sky blue eyes complementing her pinkish lips.

She is so beautiful that it felt so unreal.

"Who are you?"

I calmly asked this strange woman. She is the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen but with my years of training, I still can maintain a calm disposition.

She did not answer my question but slowly walk towards my direction instead.

She then caress my right cheek.

Her touch is so comfortable that I want to sleep and I did.

"Live well, my child."

The last words I heard before losing consciousness.

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