Unrivaled Immortal Empress Book

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Unrivaled Immortal Empress


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Ying Ling Lan died peacefully and contented. Graduated from the number one University. Pursue her dream as an actress and enter the Film Industry. With great perseverance she gained the title 'Film Queen'. Established her own Entertainment Company at such a young age. Her life was great. Her only regret is dying alone in hospital bed. For some unknown reason her soul traveled time and space. And transmigrated into another world. A very different and ancient world. Can she finally find her happiness in this lifetime? Or will she die again, alone? _________________________ Author's note: This is my original story and I am an amateur writer so expect grammatical and spelling errors. English is not my first language. If you are a perfectionist then don't read it. (okay?) The cover photo I used is NOT MINE. I found this in Google. Credits to the owner.