Unrivaled Demon Knight (Sidonia) Book

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Unrivaled Demon Knight (Sidonia)


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(A/N: Not Harem. Jason X Kobayashi.) At first, Jason Star seemed like an ordinary handsome man who didn't stood out much, but secretly, he was the number one ranker of the most popular virtual game in the world which had the theme of robot vs aliens. The most notable thing about him was his exceptional piloting sense, and rational decisions. Still, he was a human who also usually makes mistakes when faced with sudden situation. While relaxing on the rooftop, Jason suddenly met his demise after an unfortunate accident of getting struck by lightning. However, he soon found himself being thrown into a futuristic sci-fi reality where his life is always at constant dangers. However, despite that, he now seemed to found a place where could truly belong. Along with his alien parasite buddy, Jason will use any means to survive. Helping humanity along the way is just a stepping stone for that. As for girls? Pftt! Who needs those thots when you can have those beautiful mechas for yourself! But it might change soon... who knows... .... This is me trying to explore and create some of my ideas about the world of sidonia, so expect changes. A/N: This story is not about some loner or selfish MC. He will instead help humanity and it's sanctuary by 'indirectly' helping advance the technology. The reason is simple. He will die alongside it because there are no other place. Suggest some good weaponry and other technological stuff There will be many mistakes done in the grammar because of this shitty auto-correct. This is also an uncharted territory for me so please pardon my mistakes.