Unrivaled Alchemy God Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Unrivaled Alchemy God


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Yuan Qiyuan is a legendary figure in history mostly known for his divine attainment in the Dao of Alchemy, but besides his godlike skills that were unmatched since the ancient times, not much else is known about him. He first appeared during the Primordial Era when cultivation first began and would only show himself once every century to share with the world his knowledge on Alchemy, but he would disappear into thin air afterward for another century, sometimes even longer. However, after the Golden Era where Alchemy was in its golden age, Yuan Qiyuan never showed himself again. Many speculate that he had died, but others believed that he was only in closed cultivation and would one day shock the world with his breakthrough in Alchemy. Countless years after Yuan Qiyuan’s disappearance, a well-known silkpants within the Yin Province suddenly shocks the world with his Alchemy techniques that were never thought to be possible before.