1 Prologue

June -9-1996

On this very day, a baby girl had arrived to a excited and very expecting parents with a young boy with charcoal trenches, who was barely three at the time.

The little boy was waiting in the waiting room with his grandmother and grandfather on his mom's side as they waited for the news of his baby sister arrival.

In his hands were toys as he played to past the time and yet, found it difficult to keep focused as adult women and men with their children passed by them in the waiting room.

The waiting room had rows of chairs were lined up on either side of the huge room with TV's hanging on the walls but did nothing to distract from the plain walls of white.

Occasionally, there were nurses calling back patients that were waiting and checking in, among other things that were happening.

But the young boy could only keep up with so much as the day continued, he grew tired as his eye started to close and open. He was in the mood for a nap, but his grandparents were anxiously waiting for the arrival of his baby sister. His eyes soon closed not for the last time but to take a nap.

As the arrival of his friend and the boys parent had stepped foot I'm the room with balloons and pink stuffed bunny in hand.

They had came to meet their god daughter, in person unaware of the complications taking place as the baby cherub had yet to make it out of her mother's womb.

They( alongside, the two boys and the set of Grandparents) would be waiting till midnight for the baby to arrive.

As our main character, even before she was born had been the mischievous type.

The arrival of the young boy friend had been excited as he didn't have any younger siblings.

Except for an older sister, that did nothing but talk about boys. That was yucky, as he was still a baby in that aspect.

He could not help but wonder what it was like to have a younger sibling. For him, he could boss this baby around like his sister does to him. He could not wait. As they waited for the arrival of this baby.

That boy had no clue, how much chaos, this little girl would cause him in the future.