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What is Unreal

Read Unreal novel written by the author Typical_Destiny on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering r18, harem, magic, rape, smartmc. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What if the world you lived in wasn't real. You may ask "what would that make me" It is not to say the people are fake just that they are led to believe the world they live in is real and they are almost correct. It's just the world we live in only has the smallest amount of reality. Meaning there are worlds with higher amounts of reality. This is the Story of a boy who dies in a most ridiculous way that he sees through the world's reality by the sheer disbelief in the way he dies. He is then granted access to a higher reality and rewarded for being the first person to REALIZE. MC's powers are based on Reality and include: the ability to change it(based on level of mc) this includes things like time or space or anything based in reality. so basically if it exists it can be effected by MC the ability to see through it(MC can see through any illusion or unreal thing and can identify anything that is real through sight) the ability to break all things based on realism AKA destroy logic(this is intended to be a ultimate move, it can basically destroy any existence or modify the existing reality like changing the sky's color or creating something out of nothing or adding abilities. this ability will have heavy restrictions like cost or cooldown. All other skills will be based off or retrieved from above skills


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I like the story premise and the like of a killer truck. Novel is fast pace but not rushed. Grammar is ok but it would be best if author could find an editor. Characters are good but still need fleshing out, but this is still early in the novel so we'll see. All in all I enjoyed it and I'll wait for more chapters.


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As the author I know my strengths and weaknesses I can guarantee chapters and alot daily the quality of writing as far as punctuation or commas might be bad, but as for good and long content that I hope can keep you engaged I and just doing this for fun I put out 16 chapters over 13k words in 24 hours as far has writing good content goes I can do it for days and this is all original that is slightly based off other things. But nowadays it's hard to come up with a completely Original story so I'm just putting my immediate thoughts on how the story should go as I write it and next thing I know it almost a day later and I'm over 12k words in and nowhere close to stoping


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