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She was the secret treasure who was born to become great, her fate held great responsibilities and duties, which were to be carried out at all costs. She was trained to hide her emotions and put others' interest before hers. He is the eldest son born to a great hero who saved the wizarding world, expectations always high for him. He had to continue the legacy his grandparents and parents had for him. ******* Evelina Rose Wood, inheritor of a great bloodline who were one of the four who established the great wizarding world. She always hid her emotions and disappointments behind her mask of satisfaction and happiness. James Sirius Potter, the eldest one with great reputation to uphold, responsibilities to protect the happiness of his treasured ones. He sacrificed his happiness and became the contradiction of what he wanted to. One incident which changed his outlook on life. They were both a hard nut to crack, stubborn in their own ways. Their life was smooth even with disappointments and sacrifices but when their lives crashed together, their journey which was supposed to be parallel became one?? They clashed in unexpected ways, yet their timing seemed just right. Even when their intelligent brains advised them to stay away they were oddly pulled together as if their destiny wanted otherwise.... Will they bow down to their odd destiny or will fight against it in their stubborn ways??? Continue with me and their family to see what exactly does fate have in store for them..... ******* Even when the scenarios change the hot and sweet romance remains the same. EVELINA: Let me out before I jinx you!! JAMES: As if I wanted to be locked in with you. You have grown dumber than expected. EVELINA: You dare call me dumb with thumbnail sized brain of yours (Glares fiercely). JAMES: I'm starting to doubt that our brain sizes are same, if not why would you even threaten to jinx her when she is the one to give you those powers.... AUTHOR: Hahaha!!! James you are oddly intelligent today my boy..... EVELINA: Why am I even being caged up in here, that to along with this useless brat... AUTHOR: Now...Now my dearie you cannot call him useless after all he the only one who can handle your temper... So technically he has a lot of potential in him... JAMES: My dear Author, you are praising me quite well today why so suddenly.... (Grows suspicious) AUTHOR: Because you are going to suffer a lot my boy, I will let you be happy for today (Devilish Smirk) JAMES: W-why?? AUTHOR: Now my dear you are ruining the fun now.... Go back obediently... EVELINA & JAMES: NOO..... (Vanishes into thin air ) ******* It is where a haughty princess is tactfully subdued by a devilishly handsome princess... HAPPY READING GUYS!!!!! ENJOY THE BOOK!!!!


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