1 The Beginning

Aldrich Cohen, was extremely lucky in life as hewas born in a super rich family, He was born with a handsome face. In cknparison to celebrities, his face won in an extremely large margin.

With his handsome face, he had a large fanclub in school. Many girls fell for him, as for the school goddess. She surely fell for him as well. Things would always go to plan in Aldrich case. In the world of games. He would always win. His enemies would always have sudden wi-fi problems.

While he was walking home with the school goddess. A jealous student stabbed him in the back.

" AAAHHHHH " He let out a horrible shieking voice, as he never once felt pain in his life.


" Aldrich.. Aldrich hang on the ambulence will be arriving soon, don't go!! " the school goddess shouted.

Though aldrich didn't hear what she said as his eyes felt heavier he closed his eyes.

When he woke up, he didn't felt pain, rather he felt energetic 'wasn't there a hole on his back' he thought in his mind

"Aldrich you've woken up!!" said a woman. her face was averageand filled with freckles.

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" i am the goddess of jealousy and.. I AM SORRY!!!" as she kontowed in front of him.

Aldrich was rather confused as this is the first time he met the goddes.

"You don't need to be sorry, as Goddess didn't do anything to me" he said confused.