758 Epilogue

Pacific Ocean, Present day.

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Leon suddenly woke up amidst the fly when he heard the announcement of the landing. Although he wasn't a nervous flyer, he couldn't help but wake up like that whenever he took a nap while flying. Resting on his right shoulder, there was an astonishing beautiful redhead… it was Ilyana, and she also was sleeping. Leon scratched his left cheek and then showed an embarrassed smile while looking at Ilyana's belly. She was pregnant and, in a few weeks, she would give birth. It was a strange feeling for Leon, to feel so happy and not even a single bit worried about the future. Feeling like that, Leon couldn't help but wonder if that final battle hadn't been just a weird and crazy dream, but it wasn't… because in Ilyana's belly, Leon could feel Serena's presence.

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