15 Chapter 14

Congratulations! The skill Craft has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! The skill Craft has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Around noon the next day, Leon finished his weapons. The staff looked pretty dull, but the spear looked quite imposing. He swung both of them around for a few minutes, and then he received the notifications.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Spearmanship.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Staffmanship.

You obtained 01 status points.

Leon felt quite satisfied with his work, not only that; those two weapons were quite heavy, so he expected also to raise his Strength while he practices with those weapons. That being said, he had to test the result of his hard work into action and confirm if it was useful, after all. Leon approached the fish trap, and another fish jumped toward him. This time he stopped the creature with the backside of his spear, and when the monster fell on the ground, Leon used all his might and attacked with his spear.


The test had been a success. Leon expected a little less from his weapon, but his weapon pieced the fish head quite easily, destroying it, and that was why he felt bad about it. The feeling of killing a living being while hearing the sound of flesh being torn apart was beyond unpleasant. That being said, that didn't stop Leon from using that fish as his lunch. It was unpleasant to hunt his food, but he was in a situation where he couldn't waste much time thinking about such things.

"Sorry, little fish, but you attacked me first, and despite being so ugly, you are delicious."

After lunch, Leon started to practice with his spear. Just as he had expected, moving that long and heavy weapon was making his stamina decrease at an astonishing pace. Regardless, after a few hours of training, Leon leveled up Spearmanship several times and also received a few pleasant news.

Congratulations! Your Strength has increased by one point.

Congratulations! Your Endurance has increased by one point.

"Phew… finally."

Leon felt on the ground thanks to the exhaustion, to use the spear for a longer time, he had to make good use of his lower body, and that was probably why he was so exhausted and why his endurance increased. The first two hours, he only felt tired and not a single bit of muscle aches, but now, Leon could hear every single muscle of his body screaming. The fatigue was still there, but the pain disappeared after ten minutes.

"I need to increase my stamina to make this kind of thing more efficient…"

Leon sighed, it was good to keep his mind busy, but finding too many things to do was also troublesome. Spending his mana and training Earth Manipulation was easy; he just had to control as much as the earth he can, and then the skill would slowly level up. However, even though it was one of his main objectives, Leon didn't feel satisfied with that, since he basically he only needed to train for one minute every ten minutes.

"I also need to think of a way to increase my mana without free status points… I probably can increase my stamina by running, but how can I increase mana? Studying? It would be nice if I could, but I'm quite certain that I can't increase my recovery without free status points."

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Leon couldn't study, just thinking randomly about things wouldn't probably help either. However, there was one thing that could help Leon in that regard: meditation.

"That kind of zen stuff never picked my attention, but… it is worth a try."

Leon sat in the lótus position and closed his eyes, until now, he tried to keep his mind busy, and thanks to it, he had quite a hard time cleaning his mind. To make matters worse, every time. He forgot about the things he had to do to leave the island, Leon recalled the faces of his parents and little sister.

"Fantastic… great way to become depressed."

Leon sighed, but he wouldn't give up so soon. Eventually, he managed to clean his mind for all his problems and worries. After one minute in that state without thinking of anything, he received a notification.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Meditation.

You obtained 01 status points.

"I guess it won't be that easy… if this works like exercising my muscles, I will have to do this for at least two hours to confirm if this can increase my status. That being said… what this skill can do?"

Considering that Leon only learned the skill after a full minute without thinking about anything, he would have to stay in that state for a while to see what kind of status would increase if it could increase any status at all. Regardless, it was obvious that kind of action was deeply related to things like soul and spirit. Leon didn't see his mana increasing, so he decided to spent some mana and then meditate, and just like he had thought, Meditation was really related to soul and spirit. Due to the fact that mana was the power of mind or the soul, Leon recovered one mana point after that minute of meditation.

"The effect is quite meager, but it should get better the more I use it."

It would be better if Leon could meditate and train Earth Manipulation at the same time, but again, the world didn't become all that convenient.

Health: 25 +

Mana: 45 +

Stamina: 10 +

Strength: 09 +

Dexterity: 08 +

Speed: 07 +

Intelligence: 09 +

Endurance: 15 +

Control: 05 +

Mentality: 08 +

Luck: 01 +

Recovery: 45 +

Willpower: 08 +


Status: 00

Skill List

Active Skills: Strong Arms Lv 5, Throw Lv1, Analysis Lv 1, Bash Lv 1, Dash Lv 2, Mana Transfusion Lv 5, Earth Manipulation Lv 11, Water Manipulation Lv 3, Wind Manipulation Lv 1, Concentrated Shot Lv 1, Fire Manipulation Lv1,

Passive Skills: Fear Resistence Lv 6, Mental Fortitude Lv 2, Perception Lv 4, Pain Resistance Lv 12, Rage Lv3, Fire Resistance Lv 2, Accuracy Lv 7, Craft Lv 13, Farming Lv1, Archery Lv 6, Cook Lv 1, Poison Resistance Lv 3, Martial Arts Lv 1, Spearmanship Lv 5, Staffmanship Lv 1, Meditation Lv 1,

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