13 Chapter 12

Leon found a rock that weighs over twenty kilograms and let it fall over the fish monster's face. Since the thing was too ugly, he didn't want to eat that part. Since he was hungry, Leon ate the fish before finishing the trap, the thing was quite big, so there was no point in catching another. That fish alone would be his lunch and dinner.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Cook.

You obtained 01 status points.

Despite the fact that Leon only put a stick in the fish and toasted it in the campfire, he learned that skill. Also, despite its appearance, the monster was quite tasty. It was juicy to the point Leon thought he had used some seasonings.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Poison Resistance.

You obtained 01 status points.

Leon froze when he heard that, his health was still full, but his body recognized the poison within the fish. The poison was probable the juicy flavor Leon felt…

"Oh, man… it was so good."

For a while, Leon gave up on the idea of eating, but since he felt no changes in his health, mana, and stamina, he began to eat again.

Congratulations! The skill Poison Resistance has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

By the time Leon felt full, the skill had leveled up again. Although it was insane eating something poisonous, he understood that skill could come in handy someday. Besides, he needed more status points, and as long as he doesn't feel anything weird with his body, it was fine. That only meant the poison was weak.

While Leon was preparing to resume his usual activities, he heard another roar. Without wasting time, he ran toward his shelter to hide. It was pathetic, but it had already become a habit at that point in time. Leon couldn't imagine himself facing a creature that could destroy airplanes, so the only thing he could was to hide and tremble in fear while hoping not to see noticed.

"Pathetic… is that it? Will I do this every time a monster appears from now on?"

If his bow and arrow couldn't do anything against those fish, it would be useless against anything. Aside from the points, he was receiving, there was no point in training with a bow, at least until he manages to build a better one, but it was impossible with the things available in that island.

"Increasing my mana and recovery will give me more chances to use magic… but it will not make me stronger. Should I try a different approach? Perhaps one of the other statuses will make me stronger and help my ability to manipulate earth…"

It was possible that Intelligence could help Leon in that regard, but then again, it would only make him strong in magic. For the peace of his mind, Leon also wanted to get physically stronger.

"Well, if I can't use free status, then I can only do it the hard way…"

Status points were convenient, but there was a chance that Leon could raise his status without relying on them. The world changed a lot, and if he could become stronger and smarter with the magic of status, he could also do the same in the normal way. Leon trained with his bow until the last arrow broke; after that, he began his physical training.

It was better to do several types of exercises to train his whole body, but before doing that, Leon had to confirm that he could get stronger doing things like push-ups. Now that his stamina had been quantified, he could do the same exact amount of push-ups before losing control over his body. However, even after that repeating itself several times. He didn't see any changes; he only received a notification after doing push-ups and collapsing like a madman after two hours.

Congratulations! Your Strength has increased by one point.

Since Leon could train his Earth Manipulation between push-ups sessions, it wasn't like a total waste of time, but he hoped that would happen much sooner.

"I guess not everything is that convenient… besides, I'm still recovering from my weight loss."

It was time-consuming, but it was a necessity. So, Leon decided to do push-ups until his strength increases at least one time every day. He also had to train his other skills, and one hour of practice was enough to grant him at least one free status point until they reach level five.

That night, Leon decided to practice combining Earth and Water Manipulation for a few hours, but after all those push-ups, he was so tired that he barely could keep his eyes open while was eating the fish he caught. Now that his days were filled with activities demanded a lot of him physically and mentally, the days grew shorter and the nights grew longer. At least his body would always awake at the moment the sun started to rise.

Leon was so tired that he didn't notice that fish bones were pretty sharp and durable and that those would make for good tips of weapons. He also didn't notice that land absorbed the bones when he threw them away after eating. He was just too tired to notice that.

Health: 25 +

Mana: 35 +

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Stamina: 10 +

Strength: 07 +

Dexterity: 08 +

Speed: 07 +

Intelligence: 09 +

Endurance: 14 +

Control: 05 +

Mentality: 08 +

Luck: 01 +

Recovery: 35 +

Willpower: 08 +


Status: 05

Active Skills: Strong Arms Lv 5, Throw Lv1, Analysis Lv 1, Bash Lv 1, Dash Lv 2, Mana Transfusion Lv 5, Earth Manipulation Lv 10, Water Manipulation Lv 3, Wind Manipulation Lv 1, Concentrated Shot Lv 1, Fire Manipulation Lv1,

Passive Skills: Fear Resistence Lv 6, Mental Fortitude Lv 1, Perception Lv 4, Pain Resistance Lv 12, Rage Lv3, Fire Resistance Lv 1, Accuracy Lv 7, Craft Lv 11, Farming Lv1, Archery Lv 6, Cook Lv 1, Poison Resistance Lv 2.

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