9 Chapter 08

After noticing the miracle of seeing a tree growing at a fearsome speed and also dying at fearsome speed, Leon concluded that magical things like that could happen. He had mana, so he was capable of creating such phenomena. If he could use magic, perhaps his trip to home would happen much sooner.

"The problem is… how can I use magic?"

If Leon could magic, then perhaps flying wasn't impossible, but he doubted that he could learn such a high-level technique by himself.

"Let's see.. even if I can't fly, if I manage to create a boat with ice or earth. It should work… I just have to put some holes in it to store the air, and the thing will float… but first, I have to learn the basics."

Just like before, Leon started with the silly antics. He tried to conjure some Harry Potter spells, cast fireballs, and other spells by shouting their names, creating conditions for him to use supernatural powers… but nothing happened. Once again, Leon was about to die of embarrassment. But he still had one thing he had to try.


Nothing happened; if anything, Leon felt more stupid than usual, and he also felt like a dream of his youth had been completely destroyed. Regardless, magic was his plan B now, and he had to keep trying how to use it.

Even without a target, Leon could use the Mana Transfusion. However, since he didn't have much mana, soon he would have to rest. Just like stamina, using mana has its downsides, the more he uses, the more his mind becomes foggy. He tried to control the mana that he transferred to the air, but nothing happened even though he could feel it. He also tried to concentrate his mana in a single part of his body, but once again, nothing happened. He could only use mana when he wished to transfer it.

"Now what? I can't give up, but I can't just walk around so blindly."

Some weird phenomena brought mana and magical things to Earth, but the planet was originally a world without magic and mana, and that was why Leon couldn't see it. He started to think of a way to using mana while he was trying to carve wooden arrows out of tree branches.

"Mmm… I wonder if I can plant even normal trees. I should test that, maybe it will come in handy later."

Leon planted a few leaves in a hole and made a mental note to check it the next day. After that, he returned to his task of trying to control where his mana was sent while transfusing it.

Congratulations! The skill Mana Transfusion has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.Congratulations! The skill Mana Transfusion has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Since he was constantly spending energy to use that skill, it was leveling up quite fast. However, Leon still couldn't see the progress of that skill. He tried to transfer his mana to other things like the land or trees, but it didn't work.

"I wonder why… Is it because those are old? Only new things like those new plants can receive mana?"

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That was probably the case, Leon concluded that because his Analysis skill only worked in the trees that had been born from the coconuts and bananas he ate.

"No, it is too soon to draw a conclusion. I feel like I'm missing something…"

After doing some experiments, Leon concluded at the end of that day and found something he was missing. The something was himself, he was too weak and had too little mana. It looked like his mana was so small that it could only be infused in small portions of non-organic matter. Using all his mana, Leon could only control ten grams of earth for a single minute.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Earth Manipulation.

You obtained 01 status points.

"Wow! Awesome! This is magic!"

Leon was twenty-two years old, but he felt like a kid who just received a new toy while watching that meager amount of earth over his total control. Controlling it was quite hard, but the earth was surely obeying his will. When he tried to make a round object, the earth became an almost round object. When he wanted to shape it in the shape of a square, it became something similar.

But soon, he lost control over it, and the earth returned to its place, and Leon lost consciousness since he used too much mana. Ten minutes later, Leon woke up and started to analyze that skill even more.

Although it was very convenient, that skill had some serious restrictions. First of all, unless he has a clear image of the amount of matter he wants to control, the skill would fail. Second of all, if he wishes to use more than he can control, the skill will fail. Unless he is in contact with the matter he wants to control, he can't infuse his mana with it.

"So… by considering those rules, it doesn't look like I can control more dense objects. However, if I obtain enough mana, perhaps I can control anything as if it is some kind of telekinesis."

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Water Manipulation.

You obtained 01 status points.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Wind Manipulation.

You obtained 01 status points.

Leon had a little more difficulty applying the logic behind earth manipulation in water and the air. However, soon he understood it, even though their compositions were different and had different masses, he still could control them. It was harder, but he could, the difference was probably because water and wind are less dense than earth. Regardless, Leon was excited about the new things he could do, so excited that he didn't notice he would need stupid amounts of mana to create a boat using earth and even more using ice.

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