7 Chapter 06

If Leon could describe that night, he would use the words: worst night ever. He didn't sleep even for a second due to the situation he was in, he could only hear the sound of the wind, but his imagination turned those sounds into something far more ominous. When morning came, Leon was exhausted and hungry to the point of starvation. Once again, he grabbed a coconut to drink and eat its contents.

"My new home needs some improvement, but for the time being, I'm satisfied with it. I guess I should start working on my escape plan."

Leon's first idea was to create a boat, but he discarded that because he didn't have the skills to create one that could withstand the hardships of the ocean for more than a few days. Besides, he didn't know how to sail. By trying that, he would only die slowly by starvation or thirsty. In the worst-case scenario, he could end up in the stomach of a shark or a monster.

The second idea was to wait to be rescued, but considering that Leon found two dragons in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the chances of countries being attacked en masse by those creatures were quite high. So, no one would bother looking for survivors of an airplane crash.

"I guess I will have to learn a skill or increase my status to find a way to go back home…"

Considering that the pain he felt decreased thanks to the pain resistance skill, it seemed like a good idea. To learn the skill Swim and practice it, perhaps Leon would become faster or spend less energy while doing that. However, he doubted that someday he could swim faster than sharks…

"Plan number four… fly… I can't believe I'm even considering this to be plausible."

Leon survived the crash of an airplane; he healed his seemingly beyond help body… so there was a chance that he could learn how to fly. Leon jumped and started to move his arms like wings… one hour later, he wanted to bury his face on the hot sand of the beach because that would be less painful, and dying of embarrassment was hard, even without anyone nearby to see his silly actions.

"All right… I can't learn how to fly… now what?"

Leon sat down and started to think, if his body could recover so fast, perhaps he could become fast enough to run over water without sinking. He just has to train his skill and put all his free status points in speed… but there was a problem, for how long could he maintain that speed? Instead, how fast one needs to be to run over water without sinking? Leon recalled that he had heard that one would have to run thirty meters per second to do it. So, if by chance his speed was seven and he could run seven meters per second, he would have to increase his speed by twenty-three points and increase his stamina and recovery to at least one hundred to last the whole trip to Asia.

"Yep, I'm screwed. I think I will have better chances of learning how to fly by moving my arms."

It was utterly stupid, but it was better to try to do something stupid than wait for something improbable to happen like someone looking and finding Leon. Thus, Leon did some tests. Running at his top speed, he managed to run for sixty seconds, but after that, he lost control over his body until the recovery restored his stamina.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Dash.

You obtained 01 status points.

"That scared the hell out of me… to think that I would stay conscious but without being able to move my body… what a disturbing feeling."

Leon would have to do some test laster, but at least he already had a plan. He would need to have thirty points of speed, one hundred points of stamina, and one hundred points of recovery to run on water without resting. It was quite a stupid plan, but as long as he could outrun sharks, the danger was at an acceptable level.

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"… I'd better think of another plan while I train to obtain the status necessary to do it. This is far too crazy and reckless. "

Now that he had a clear goal aside from returning home, Leon could work to reach such an objective. But to do that more efficiently, he decided to check his status and skills.

Health: 25 +

Mana: 10 +

Stamina: 10 +

Strength: 06 +

Dexterity: 08 +

Speed: 07 +

Intelligence: 09 +

Endurance: 14 +

Control: 05 +

Mentality: 08 +

Luck: 01 +

Recovery: 06 +

Willpower: 08 +


Status: 11

Skill List

Active Skills: Strong Arms Lv 2, Throw Lv1, Analysis Lv 1, Bash Lv 1, Dash Lv 1

Passive Skills: Fear Resistance Lv 6, Mental Fortitude Lv 1, Perception Lv 4, Pain Resistance Lv 12, Rage Lv3, Fire Resistance Lv 1, Accuracy Lv 1, Craft Lv 5

The things he could do to earn more free status points were quite a lot, sunbath, throw stones, attack stuff with all his power, move using his arms alone… Those were the primary things he could do, but he could get sick if he stays under the hot sun of a tropical island for long. Aside from Accuracy and Craft, he would need to spend stamina to use those.

"If training Accuracy, my aim will really improve, then that will do that first. I need to raise it in cause something happens…"

Leon didn't want to think about monsters, but he had to prepare for every single scenario. He didn't want to die by the hands of monsters, and he didn't want to spend the rest of his life on that island, so the only thing he could was to work hard. Leon grabbed a few shells along the beach and started to throw them at a random tree.

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