5 Chapter 04

When Leon woke up again, all the pain of his body was long gone, but something equally annoying took the pain's place: hunger and thirst. The circle of feeling pain and losing consciousness was finally over, but now Leon barely could muster the pain to move his body.

"For how long did I sleep?"

Considering the hunger and thirst, he was feeling; it looked like he stayed unconscious for three days and nights. However, the sun in the sky had barely moved since the moment he fixed his knees.

With much effort, Leon managed to raise his upper body and confirm that his knees had healed. He touched them, but there was no pain. Slowly Leon took off the bandages, but once again, no pain. After a while, he could see his knees, and there was not even a sign of a scar.

"Surviving a free fall from an airplane… healing this stupidly fast like this…. What the hell is going on?"

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Although Leon wanted answers, at that moment, he wanted food more. His vision was getting blurry, but he managed to get up and approach the trees. However, after three steps, he lost control over his legs. He didn't feel pain; it looked like Leon just had no energy.

"Ha-ha… that is funny. I survived that crash just to die of hunger while I am five meters away from some bananas... Screw it!"

Congratulations! The skill Strong Arms has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

If he couldn't use his legs, Leon would use his arms, and if that weren't possible, he would use his chin to move. However, the arms alone had been enough to make him move; when he thought of the strong arm skill, moving became so easy that he almost passed by the bunch of bananas. Leon was so hungry that he ate the bananas without peeling them, despite that, it tasted great, and it also revitalized his body in a matter of seconds. Leon's vision cleared again, and he received a great shock. His limbs were thin as if he hadn't a decent meal in weeks.

"What the… did I stay unconscious for that long?"

Leon couldn't imagine how he survived by staying unconscious for so long. However, after he looked around, he concluded that not a single day had even passed after the crash because there was no sign of the plane wreckage.

"If I didn't stay unconscious for that long… it looks like my recovery isn't that miraculous. My own flesh was being used to heal my wounds; that is why I lost so much weight."

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Analysis.

You obtained 01 status points.

Now that Leon finally recovered his energy, he got up and checked that despite being so thin, his entire body was fine. However, he still was thirsty. He picked a nearby fallen coconut to drink its water but then noticed that he didn't have anything to open it.

"Now what?"

Leon tried to crack the coconut hitting it against a tree, but he didn't succeed in breaking it. He breathed in and out and concentrated; this time, he grabbed the coconut with his two hands and smashed it against the tree. Leon's hands got wet soon after he heard a crack.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill: Bash.

You obtained 01 status points.

Leon's attempt cracked the coconut in several places, so he raised it above his head and drunk the coconut water that was slowly dripping. Once again, he felt alive like never before, Leon never liked coconut water all that much, but at that point in time, it tasted like the sweetest nectar of the world.

Since Leon was still hungry, he broke the coconut entirely after drinking its contents. After that, he ate the coconut meat. It didn't look like he would satisfy his hunger anytime soon, but it was about time to think in the long term.

"I have food and water… this place is big, so it should last for a few months. I can fish, I just have to carve a spear out of wood. So, I can survive here… but how do I leave this place?"

Until now, Leon managed to survive thanks to the miracles the status granted him. The resistance to survive from an airplane crash and regeneration to heal wounds. However, could he use that to go home or to reach any place with civilization? The answer was yes, he was quite sure with that status he could become powerful enough to do seemingly impossible things. The problem was, how and when?

"If I remember well, the plane crashed around 05:00 AM. So, the plane flew for over three hours… at least one-third of that we flew over the ocean. That means I'm more or less eight hundred kilometers away from Asia… fantastic."

It looked like Leon's best option was to go to Asia and, from there, return to home. However, he couldn't tell where he exactly was, and he wasn't a sailor either. The chances of him succeeding while trying to cross the ocean and reach the continent were extremely dim. He could use trees to make a boat, but he didn't have the skills to build a doghouse, could he build a boat that could keep him alive while crossing the ocean full of dangers? The answer was no.

While Leon was thinking about ways he could die in the ocean, he suddenly heard a roar coming from above him. Leon froze when he saw another massive thing flying above him; it looked exactly like the dragon that attacked the airplane. When he recovered from the shock, he ran and hid in the forest behind some bushes. Leon trembled every time he heard that roar, but after some time, the sound finally disappeared… it looked like the ocean wasn't the only danger Leon would have to face to return home.

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