1 Strange Things

DELTA Spaceship.

Christian was assigned to check and monitor the activities inside the Spaceship. He has a partner for that job, his name was Raul.

They were like brothers and always working well with each other. They made this really strong bond of trust. Everytime one needs help or in trouble, the other one got its back and will help. They were not relatives or blood-related but their friendship and trust were unbreakable and true.

While in the monitoring room, Christian yawned.

"Let me take it from here. You go rest." Raul said with a smile. Christian smiled back and said, "Really? Thank you. Ok, after I finished my 30-minute nap, I'll switch up with you, ok?"


Christian and Raul fist bumped and Christian stepped out from the Monitoring Room.

The Spaceship was so big and it took Christian five minutes to reached his room. He grabbed a white Card in his pocket and placed it on a small screen. The screen glowed green and the door open.

He grabbed his alarm clock and set it for 30 minutes.

He looked at a picture and saw a beautiful woman on it. She was smiling. Her face was bright and beautiful like a sun.

The woman on the picture was Christian's Girlfriend, Amanda. On earth, she was the only one who loved Christian and supported him. Christian loved her so much. He wanted to marry her right away but something terrible happen.

This incident flashback in Christian's head.


"Amanda..." Christian said while taking out a small box in his pocket.

Amanda looked surprise and red.

"Christian are you going to propose?" Amanda shyly asked him.

"What? No. I'm just tying my shoe. Hahaha..." Christian joked. Amanda look at Christian, looking bummed.

"I was just kidding. Now, Will you marry me?" Christian said that it was a joke and finally said those exciting and romantic words. Amanda couldn't help but cry.

"Yes! Yes of course!" She answered tearfully.

Christian opened the box and a diamond ring was inside. It was so beautiful. Christian held Amanda's hand and slid the ring onto Amanda's ring finger.

Christian smiled and grabbed Amanda by the waist and lift her up and they turned around together.

Amanda giggled and also a little bit scared when Christian did that. After all, they were at the top of a hundred feet building.

Christian thought that that was the best and happiest day of his life but he never knew that it would be the most horrifying too.

While they were dancing, a meteor fell directly into the building. The building crumbled down killing and squashing everyone in it.

Amanda and Christian's hearts almost leaped out to their chest. A part of the rooftop fell and sadly, Amanda was on that side while Christian was on the other. Christian looked behind him and he immediately grabbed Amanda's hand.

"Amanda! Hold on!" Christian shouted.

He wanted to pull Amanda but her hands slipped into his. He thought his heart would stop but Amanda manage to hold on to a small debris.

"Amanda! Don't let go! I'm coming!" Their distance were too far from each other. It is impossible for Christian to reached her.

He calmed himself and think of a way. Amanda shouted. "Christian! Just leave! Save youself! Its okay... Its okay... Just leave me."

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Those words made Christian's legs wimped.

" No,no,no... No! Don't say that I'm coming, I'm coming!" Christian find a place where he could reached Amanda. There was but it was risky because cracks appeared on it but it is the only place that was closer to Amanda.

Christian went there and then slowly walked over. He saw Amanda with only one hand left on the Debris. Amanda looked weary and anytime she might let go.

The floor he was standing revealed more and more cracks and Amanda saw him.

"Christian! No! Stop! You'll die too!" Amanda shouted angrily and then it changed. She smiled and little beads of tears dropped on his red and weary face.

"Christian! Listen to me... I can't hold on for much longer, my h-hands are tired and I don't want you to die also. So, p-please go..." She said shakily.

"Stop talking nonsense!" Christian shouted angrily too.

"I'm going to save you! We will get married and have kids! So, hang on for me!"

Amanda giggled a little.

"Maybe, you should do it on another girl..." Amanda's smile wear off.

"No! I only want to do it with you! So, please, don't leave me!" Christian pleaded hardly and he was crying.

"Christian! I'm tired... I really, really love you... Bigger and wider than space... Find someone that could love you more than I could and will never leave you... Goodbye..." Amanda let go.

Christian's eyes widened.

"No!" He screamed in despair.


Christian just laid down on the bed.

He wanted to forget that tragedy but it always haunting him.

He fell asleep after then. After fifteen minutes, Christian was woken up by the rumbling of the ship.

He almost fell from the bed. He stood up and ran outside and went to the monitoring room.

The door of the monitoring room opened and saw red blinking lights everywhere. He saw Raul panickly pushing and reporting to the main of the ship.

"What happened?" Christian asked Raul.

Raul pointed on a monitoring screen. There were Blue dots. Those Blue dots were the people on the ship but Christian saw a red one. That red dot was near on the energy tank.

Strange things were happening lately. The last one was when a strange asteroid flew past the Spaceship and they where so shocked. The asteroid was vast in colors and just strange.

Then, now was the most horrifying part. A red dot appeared. That means, a foreign thing aboarded the ship.


The main control room.

"Sir Conner. The monitoring room reported that a foreign material went inside the ship." A blue-uniformed man stood straight and reported to the Captain of the DELTA Spaceship.

Conner's face looks confused. How on earth that a material from outer space could get inside the ship?

The ship was made of a special material that is so hard. Harder than Diamond. And then something could get inside. How is that possible?

"Let the Battle Soldiers(Group A) check it up." Conner commanded.

" Yes, sir!" The Blue-uniformed man saluted and went out to do as ordered.


Christian heard footsteps outside. He went out and saw men and women were in battle suits. They held guns and other weapons.

The color of their suits were Blue that indicates what group are they. They are the Battle Soldiers(Group A). There are Three groups of Battle Soldiers. Group A which has blue Battle Suits, Group B which has Green Battle Suit and Group C that wears yellow Battle suits.

Battle Soldiers were military experts and also studied the space. Their purpose is to eradicate obstacle on the way of the Spaceship.

Christian was astounded by their strong appearances and can't help but compare him to them.

" Wow, They looked so powerful, even the women looked like superior while me, just in charge of monitoring and a wimped."

A hand grabbed his shoulder.

" Don't say that. Their strong and have large muscles and could fight. And they are very important. And us too are important too. If we don't monitor, we will be dead by now. And besides, we're much smarter than them. Hahaha..." Raul said that confidently while comforting Christian.

They didn't know that their words were heard by a female soldier from Group A.

" Heh... Wimps..." She rolled her eyes and focused on marching. She has a Blue hair and ocean-blue pairs of eyes.

Her skin is white as snow. She is so beautiful. But her ability is very fantastic. She's a soldier after all.

Christian thinked of something.

Two people with uniforms like them arrived. It is the end of the shift of Raul and Christian and it is the other pairs turn.

Raul and Christian left.

Christian went hurriedly to the direction where the Soldiers had went.

"Hey, Christian where are you going?" Raul asked.

"I'm going to follow them." He answered.

" Do you want to get into trouble?" Raul was confused. There are people in the monitoring room that could directly report him.

" Don't worry. I have covered it up." Christian looked at the people peeked out of the Monitoring Room and they made a thumbs up.

Raul was baffled.

" How?"


Raul and Christian managed to catch up with Soldiers. They arrived at a Dead End but it isn't really. It was just sealed.

Christian grabbed a metal stick and split it open. It turned into a map but computerized.

He saw his location and the Soldiers location. They're near at the Energy Fuel Reservoir Room. That is the place where Fuel are being stocked and poured to the tank of the ship.

A sealed room opened. A large and a dark room was revealed. They turned the light on and went in.

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